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Alsun Translation Services specializes in Italian Translation Services in Dubai. Thanks to our expert team of professional Italian translators in Dubai, we offer top-notch Italian translation of all documents beginning from personal certificates and documents to marketing brochures and websites. Our team is ready to fulfil all your translation requirements, including quality, speed and cost-effectiveness. We provide quality translation from Italian to Arabic and English and translation from Arabic and English to Italian.

Significance of Italian Translation in Dubai

Italian is a significant member of the Romance Language and a member of the Indo-European Family. It is the official language in Italy, Switzerland, San Marino, and Vatican City and is widely spoken by 65 million native speakers and in addition to 40 million by minorities in France, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Crimea and Tunisia as a second language. The Italian language is derived from Tuscan and was adopted after the unification of Italy. The Italian Economy is one of the top ten economies in the world. Italy is the first exporter of goods in European Union and the United Arab Emirates such as industrial products, cars, fashion, and food.

Further, Italy has strong business and political partnerships and agreements with many countries such as China, India and UAE, leading to the increasing need for Italian translators in the world of business and politics.

Certified Italian Translation Office in Dubai

Alsun Translation Services is one of the translation offices in Dubai certified by the UAE Ministry of Justice to translate from Italian into Arabic and from Arabic into Italian.

Our Italian translations are certified before all embassies, courts, ministries and governmental authorities in the UAE.

Our Italian Translation service is very quick, so if you are in a hurry, just give us a go-ahead message, receive your translation and pay within a few hours.

We are a longstanding provider of Italian translation in Dubai in the following areas:

  • Italian Translation of all documents and certificates.
  • Legal Italian Translation of contracts and agreements.
  • Marketing Italian Translation of brochures, profiles and marketing materials.
  • Website Italian Translation.
  • Automotive Italian Translations.

Just send us your project, and rest assured that our Italian translator in Dubai will translate your project with the highest quality before the agreed deadline…give us a call now!

We are fully aware of the legalization process required by Italian authorities in the UAE and in Italy.

Legalization of documents issued from UAE for use in Italy

Any documents issued in Dubai or any other UAE emirates must be, to be legally used in Italy, submitted first to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates for attestation.

Then, one of our legal certified Italian Translators in Dubai translates the documents into Italian.

Thereafter, the attested documents are submitted with the legal translation thereof to the Consulate General of Italy in Dubai or the Embassy of Italy in Abu Dhabi to be ready for use in Italy.

Legalization of documents issued from Italy for use in UAE

The documents issued in Italy must be first attested by the competent authority, including Italian Law Courts, Italian Prefettura, or Italian Chamber of Commerce.

Then the duly legalized documents are submitted to the UAE Embassy in Rome and UAE Consulate in Milan in Italy to take legal effect abroad.

Other Translation Languages We Provide include: