A birth certificate is an important document that is required whenever you deal with an official entity. It is the proof of your age, place of birth, and of the course name. Accordingly, Birth Certificate Translation is essential in any process for official purposes. Birth Certificate Translation is usually required to be submitted to an authority or entity in another country. Translating the birth certificate is not an easy task, so you will need to hire the right translation service provider. In this blog, we will give you tips on how and where to translate birth certificates accurately.

Birth Certificate Translation

birth certificate is a crucial legal document just like marriage certificates, identity cards, passports, etc. It mainly provides information on a person’s birth, including name, date of birth, gender, and place of birth. A birth certificate can be used as proof of identity and is a very important document when applying for various official services. It is usually required for many purposes including legal processes, obtaining visas, educational applications, and so on. Thus, so if you need to submit it in a different country, you will be mostly required to get a Birth Certificate Translation.

Birth Certificate Translation is very important and valid for several legal processes in foreign countries. So, the translated birth certificate must have a guarantee that the content is true and accurate. This is when you exactly need a certified translation service provider who delivers 100% accurate translation services. Translated documents used in legal processes must be highly accurate and authentic, and this can only be achieved if a Certified Translation stamp is provided alongside the document, proving that the translation was provided by Certified Translator.

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How to translate a Birth Certificate?

Legal documents are of crucial nature, you do not want to mess up with, them because of the slightest mistake in a name, number or else and you will not know where you are heading to. Birth certificate translation requires a highly skilled translator who gives proper care to such types of documents to give the most precise result. Make sure to hire a highly skilled and professional legal document translation service provider to avoid mistranslation in your birth certificate. The consequences of mistranslation can affect life. It is waste of time, money, and effort and also may give rise to serious legal issues. You also need to keep in mind that most entities do not accept documents that are not certified or authenticated by professional translation services Dubai provider. Select a professional Translation agency for your Birth Certificate Translation.


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How to get a Birth Certificate translated into English?

Birth Certificate Translation is a highly proper skilled and specialized task that requires a subject-matter expert.  Alsun Translation Services Company is a certified birth certificate translation service provider. We provide certified translation for your birth certificate to English and vice versa to over 50 other different languages accurately and on time; making legal proceedings less complicated. We have translated birth certificates from and to English by relying on a network of highly qualified professional translators. We offer you high-quality and accurate birth certificate translation from Arabic to English and vice versa. Our services are affordable and certified; we serve clients around the world. Alsun only use certified translators to translate your birth certificate. We are available around the clock!

Where Can I Translate My Birth Certificate into English Near Me?

Well, actually you do not need to go anywhere, you can get your Birth Certificate translated and delivered online by Alsun Translation services, just contact us around the clock and send your scanned birth certificate. We make your birth certificate translation process easy and speedy. We receive accepted formats of documents such as sc DOCX, PDF, and scanned photos. As soon as we receive your birth certificate, we send you a quotation and we move to the next step after we receive your confirmation. We assign the translation to one of our skilled and subject matter translators that can translate it accurately and on time. You can totally feel assured of your document’s confidentiality as we pay much attention to data and information security. Once the translator completes your birth certificate translation, it is reviewed and checked then delivered to you on time without compromising the quality.

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How much does a Birth Certificate Translation cost?

The translation Price is calculated per Page. This translation is Certified and valid before official entities. The price includes the complete process of certified translation, there are no hidden fees. We translate birth certificates into English at affordable rates. When you need a document-translated service, our team has you covered. Contact us for more information on prices and rates.

How Long Does It Take To Translate a Birth Certificate?

We value our clients’ time and we understand much time matters in legal processes, so we can deliver a birth certificate translation on the same day.  When you are in need to submit a certified birth certificate translation before any entity, you can rely on us. We have translated thousands of documents with 100% approval and acceptance. We are certified by official entities as well as embassies to provide certified translation services.

What Documents Do I Need To Get Birth Certificate Translation?

Well, actually you do not need a scanned copy of your birth certificate and you can send it via email. We translate birth certificates into English as well as English birth certificates into any other language like French, German, Spanish, and Chinese. Our expertise and resources provide you with the ultimate option to provide certified and accurate translations.


Following the tips in this blog will ensure you accurate and fast Birth Certificate Translation. If you have a birth certificate in other languages and you need to know how and where to translate it to English, we can translate it accurately and on time. Contact us now!

common questions

What are the common uses of a certified translation?

Certified translations are required for many reasons. It is usually needed in procedures with government entities such as applying for a visa, obtaining a driver’s license, immigration, etc.

How do you ensure that my translation is certified?

1. Translation of the document in the target language. 2. Certificate of Accuracy that confirms the accuracy of the translation and that it matches the original. 3. The full name of the translator or the translation company the date, the seal of the translation company, and the signature of the translator.