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Certified Translation Services in Dubai that save your time, money, and headache!

Alsun Sworn Translation in Dubai is your best destination for professional legal translation Dubai through our dedicated team of certified translators who have in-depth understanding to all your language requirements and needs. Here some of our competitive advantages for which our clients choose us as their first partner for official translation services in Dubai:

7 Reasons to Choose us for Legal Translation in Dubai!


Fast Translation Services 

We know well how important time for our clients and any delay in your certified translation in Dubai may result in any business troubles or lost  opportunity…do not worry just rest assured that our translation process guarantees that your project will be translated by a specialized team  of certified translators in Dubai as soon and easy as humanely possible. We can translate two pages per hour and fifteen pages per working day by our in-house translators in all specifications and strict procedures for coordination and consistency of translation. We can provide you with fast legal translation Dubai based on the following pillars:

Responsive Management

We have a team of project managers and administrators dedicated to serve you and respond to your requests around the clock for any inquires about certified translation in Dubai. The ultimate aim of our project manager is the efficiency, sustainability and highest quality and timely delivery of your certified translation project for your full satisfaction.


Alsun Certified Translation Services holds itself to the highest standards of flexibility and customer satisfaction through our customer-focus strategies.  First, we listen to our client, then customize our translation process, project management, accounting rules and delivery standards to its requirements and needs. We finally provide value-added certified translation services in Dubai that enhance the business of our clients and consequently ours.

Latest technologies

We, at Alsun Translation Services, use the latest translation programs (CAT tools) that help us provide highest consistent and timely translation and saves time and money for our valuable clients who can choose any tool from our packages of translation tools that suits their projects and platforms. Based on our CAT tools, our team can provide legal translation in Dubai faster and easier!

Cost-effective Translation Services 

Alsun Certified Translation Services Dubai guarantees that our clients receive highest value for lowest money in order to ensure their highest profit and full satisfaction, which is our ultimate aim. Due to our full-time team of certified translators and writers, we managed to get the balance between price, time and quality and save costs of certified translation services for our clients!

Professional Translation Services 

Inaccurate translation may cost your company a lot of money for re-translation, distort your image in the global market, and reduce the customer’s trust in your business. We deliver you one-time and high-quality certified translation in UAE that enables you to gain the trust of your customer all over the world as well as the respect and appreciation of the global market. 

Sworn Translator in Dubai 

Alsun provides sworn translation in Dubai duly certified by UAE Ministry of Justice and its translation is accepted by all embassies, ministries and government and private entities in United Arab Emirates. Our sworn translator in Dubai timely translates all official documents for businesses and individuals alike and serves a pool of high-rank public and private clients in all industries, including legal field. 

Legal translator in Dubai 

Our team of legal translators in Dubai has been carefully chosen and tested for many aspects such educational and linguistic background, experience, areas of expertise and computer skills. The performance of our team is constantly assessed through quality assurance sheets prepared by QA specialists. If you are looking for legal translator in Dubai, Alsun is your best and first choice for accurate and fast legal translators in UAE. 


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