Arabic Proofreader in Dubai

We provide editing and proofreading services in Dubai for those who need assistance in the final editing of their marketing materials, reports, presentations, memorandums, speeches, letters, or any written or spoken piece of language. Our clients from all international and national business agencies come to us to get a revision work that will take their texts to a native-proficiency height as professional provider of proofreading and translation services Dubai.

Arabic Proofreading in Dubai

Being Native Arabic Translators and proofreaders in Dubai, we can help our individual and corporate clients improve their Arabic writings whether small letters or big-volume books through our team of Arabic proofreaders in Dubai.

  Arabic is an important language in the global market. It is the native language of more than 200 million people in addition to being the official language of the Middle East and North Africa. There are two forms of Arabic: Classical Arabic the language of Qur’an and literature, and, Modern Standard Arabic the language used in schools, universities, conferences, governmental agencies, etc. As Arabic is our specialty, we have extended our Arabic services to include diacritization (Tashkil, Tahrik), disambiguates word meanings in addition to punctuation, vocalization (icrab). We also provide extensive editing and proofreading services in all fields in Classical/ Modern Standard Arabic.

Proofreading Service at Alsun includes the following steps:

  1. Develop and practice a systematic strategy.
  2. Overall structure.
  3. Structure within paragraphs
  4. Clarity and style.
  5. Grammar Check.
  6. Punctuation.
  7. Spelling mistakes.

Arabic proofreader in Dubai follows the following process:

The client delivers the document(s) to be tailored and our team of proofreaders in Dubai will examine it/them and make the necessary changes and amendments. Then the edited document(s) will be delivered perfectly on a highly qualified language and on time.

After examining and making the necessary changes in your document(s), our English proofreader in Dubai will highlight and track all the changes and mistakes in your document(s) providing you with the reasons for doing such changes. This will help improve the language of your writers and handle the points of weakness.

Arabic Services

Arabic is a Semitic language, and it is the language of the Holy Quran. Today, about 290 million people speak Arabic as their first language, including the UAE. Arabic is one of six official languages of the United Nations. There are many different dialects and branches of Arabic, and Arabic can be divided into three versions Modern Arabic, Classical Arabic and Colloquial or dialectal Arabic. Arabic is the official language the UAE. Our Arabic services include but not limited to punctuation, diacritization and proofreading.