Interpreting Services in Dubai


Certified interpretation services in Dubai is an effective tool that facilitates communication and enhances understanding for all attendees at various events. At Alsun, we provide professional interpretation services that meet your needs with the utmost professionalism and accuracy at any time.


Interpretation services are a must in Dubai

Interpretation services refer to language translation and communication assistance between individuals or groups who speak different languages.

These services can be provided in multiple settings, including business meetings, conferences, legal proceedings, healthcare facilities, international events, etc.

Dubai, as a global business centre, relies heavily on interpretation services for several reasons, including:

Businesses in Dubai often engage with international partners, tourists, and residents who speak other languages.

Dubai hosts numerous conferences, exhibitions, and trade shows that unite people worldwide.

Tourists come from diverse linguistic backgrounds, and interpretation services can enhance their experience in Dubai.

Dubai has a significant expatriate population, and many residents require legal and healthcare services, where interpretation services are vital to save rights.

All interpretation services In a Single Location

At Alsun, you will find various interpretation services in Dubai performed by a group of the best-certified interpreters. Whatever the occasion, you will find us always ready to serve you at any time.

Consecutive interpreting

In consecutive interpretation service in Dubai, the speaker talks for a while, like up to five minutes, before they stop. This pause allows the interpreter to do their job. The consecutive interpretation is common in legal and business meetings because it lets people talk back and forth. Our consecutive interpreters are good at remembering what's said and taking notes, keeping everything organised, even when speeches are long.

Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpretation services in Dubai happen simultaneously as the speaker talks, with only a short delay of about 30 seconds. As a result, our certified interpreters quickly and accurately translate and convey the content to the audience while understanding the ongoing speech in real-time. The goal of simultaneous interpretation is to provide an exact translation of the spoken language rather than using paraphrasing.

Over-the-phone interpreting

When using our phone interpreting professional services, our clients can choose between consecutive or simultaneous interpretation, depending on the situation. Simultaneous interpretation can be less accurate, so most people prefer consecutive interpreting for phone calls. But both options are available. For people or small groups who need personalised language help during trips or events abroad, escort interpreters are there to assist. Our interpreters travel wherever you go on your business or diplomatic journey, helping you communicate in various situations, from meetings to dining out or shopping.

Whisper interpreting

Whisper Dubai interpreter services are a lot like simultaneous interpretation, but they work a bit differently. Instead of using microphones and headsets to talk to the audience, our interpreter sits close to the people who need help and speaks quietly in their preferred language to bridge the language gap. Whisper interpretation companies in Dubai are excellent for small groups that need translation, especially when you don't have the tech for headsets. They can also be helpful in business or diplomatic meetings where someone needs an interpreter to help with communication.

Professional Arabic interpretation by native interpreters

Arabic is a language of immense cultural and economic significance and is pivotal in global communication.

For businesses, organisations, and individuals navigating the intricate web of the Arabic-speaking world, access to reliable and accurate Arabic interpretation services is paramount. 

At Alsun, our certified Arabic interpreters in Dubai  are ready to bridge the linguistic and cultural gaps, facilitating meaningful and successful interactions in Arabic and empowering you to connect, communicate, and thrive in the Arabic-speaking marketplace.

  • We employ native Arabic speakers who not only understand the language but are deeply connected to its cultural nuances.
  • We ensure your message is not just translated but also culturally adapted for maximum impact.
  • Our certified Arabic interpreters are well-versed in all dialects, offering precise interpretations suitable for all audiences.

Alsun’s interpreters have industry-specific expertise

We know specialised knowledge is essential for making good Dubai interpreter services. Over the years, we’ve gained a lot of experience, and because of that, we’ve become experts in different industries, including:

  • Telecom.
  • Sports.
  • Legal.
  • Literary.
  • Technical.
  • Financial.
  • Medical.
  • Educational.
  • Automotive.

Why choose Alsun’s interpretation services in Dubai?

At Alsun Translation Company Dubai, we offer interpretation services in Dubai in various languages, ensuring you can communicate effectively with clients, partners, and colleagues worldwide. Here are some benefits of choosing Alsun:

  • Our team consists of experienced and qualified interpreters  who are experts in their respective fields, providing accurate and contextually appropriate interpretations.
  • We tailor interpretation services to meet your needs, whether for business meetings, legal proceedings, medical consultations, or other scenarios.
  • Our interpreters are not just language experts but also culturally aware, bridging the gap between languages and cultures and ensuring respectful and effective communication.
  • We offer real-time interpretation services Dubai for events, conferences, and meetings, ensuring seamless communication without delays.
  • We understand that communication needs can arise at any time so we are available 24/7 to accommodate your interpretation requests, even during urgent situations.
  • Booking a certified Arabic interpreter with Alsun is a hassle-free process. We strive to make it as easy as possible for you to access our services or see freelancers .
  • We stand behind the quality of our services, offering a satisfaction guarantee and ensuring you are content with the interpretation provided.
  • With Alsun, you can trust that your message will be conveyed accurately, maintaining the clarity and integrity of your communication.

English Interpreter

Fluent interpreter who highly represents your business

Arabic Interpreter

Arabic interpreter in Dubai for all your meetings.

French Interpreter

French interpreter in Dubai ready to serve you .

Russian interpreter

Russian interpreter in Dubai with high communication.