Thank you for choosing Alsun Translation Company. We understand that circumstances may arise that necessitate changes to your translation services. Please read our cancellation and refund policies below to ensure transparency and clarity.

Edit Requests are Welcomed!

You can ask for edits in specific situations. For instance, you can request changes like swapping a word with a similar one, stating your word preferences, fixing the spelling of names according to legal documents, or dealing with words that are hard to read.

Any editing will happen right away and can be repeated several times. It’s important to note that every language has different ways of putting together sentences or phrases. This means your suggestions might differ from the translator’s. We’re open to discussing it and ready to change it based on your feedback.

ATC’s Protocols for Refunds and Quality Disputes

If a customer insists on a refund, direct communication between the customer and the translator is necessary. An independent translator will act as a mediator to resolve the issue amicably.

  • If the independent translator disagrees entirely with the translation quality and no proofreading or revision is possible, the customer can opt for a refund instead of re-translation, receiving a 100% refund.
  • If the customer agrees to proofreading and Alsun’s team still fails to meet the required quality standards, a partial refund will be offered based on the compromised quality.

ATC’s liability is limited to fixing errors or providing a refund in extreme circumstances, not assuming any responsibility or indemnifying obligations.

Refund for Interpretation Services

  • Cancelling interpretation services within 48 hours: 50% cancellation charges, the remaining amount refunded.
  • If interpreter expenses exceed 50% of the total amount (such as for airfare and hotel booking), a greater amount is charged.
  • Cancelling interpreting assignments before or during the event: No refund provided.

Some Special cases

  • Refunds will not be issued for name spellings or word preferences, as they are not considered translation errors.
  • If we can’t edit within the agreed time, ATC will let you know immediately. We can then either extend the deadline or give you a partial refund for the untranslated part. It’s important to note that ATC won’t translate texts that are unclear unless the client provides the content separately.
  • We’re very serious about meeting deadlines, but if we can’t deliver the translated file on the agreed date, we’ll get in touch with you to talk about extending the deadline. If we can’t agree, we’ll refund some of the money for the part of the file that hasn’t been translated.

How to Request Cancellations or Refunds?

To initiate a cancellation or refund request, please email our customer support team  or WhatsApp us

Provide your order details and a brief explanation of the reason for the request. Our team will respond as quickly as possible to guide you through the process.

Note: Alsun reserves the right to update or modify these policies without prior notice. Make sure to check our cancellation and refund policies regularly for updates. This way, you can stay informed about any changes.

Thank you for choosing Alsun. We appreciate your trust in our certified translation services and are committed to exceptional services.