Technical Translation Services in Dubai

Technical Translation simply means the translation of highly specialized text that cannot be easily understood by layman such as highly medical, engineering and legal texts and user manuals. Therefore, technical translation requires special linguistic and cultural competency and strong background of the subject matter of the translated text. Some people in translation market think that technical materials can be translated only by specialists like physicians in field of medicine, but such thinking violates the standard of translation industry as the specialists lack the most significant prerequisite of technical translation, i..e linguistic and cultural competence as they depend only on their sufficient knowledge of their career particulars. The technical translator in Dubai who enhances his/her linguistic skills with deep background of his/her field of specification can provide unrivaled translation of all technical documents for all marketing, commercial and legal purposes.

Being a long-standing technical translation company in Dubai, we have proven track record of the following fields:

  1. Military Translation
  2. Mobile phone Translation
  3. Sports Translation
  4. Telecommunications Translation
  5. Fashion translation
  6. Electronics Translation
  7. Automotive Translation
  8. Building and Construction Translation
  9. Engineering Translation
  10. Energy Translation
  11. Industrial Translation
  12. Marine Translation

Technical Translation in Dubai

Alsun Translation Services prides on having a excellent pool of technical translators in Dubai with high linguistic competences and long-standing experiences in their field of specification, enabling them to produce clear, accurate and smooth text that resonate with the target audience. Our technical translators pay great attention to the latest developments and updates of their field of specification and have good command of the highly technical terms and jargons of such field, entitling us the most trusted technical translation company in Dubai. Based on his command of the culture of source language and target language, technical translator may replace some technical aspects of the source language with other appropriate aspects of the target language such as measurement systems. Being the strategic partner of our clients, we develop concise and clear technical content that captures exactly how they want and meets their requirements of accuracy, merchantability and clarity.

Standards of Our Technical Translation Services

Translating the technical documents is not an easy matter to undertake, as they require highly professional technicality and accuracy. A technical translator should have a smart mind, extensive expertise, and linguistic abilities in this field and must be very familiar with the technical jargon in the target and source languages. The technical terminology must be translated perfectly to its exact equivalent of technical jargon.

Taken to an extreme, technical translation can literally be the difference between life and death; may be this sounds a bit dramatic,Technical translation is the translation of materials dealing with scientific and technical subjects like user guides, manuals, instructions leaflets, marketing materials, and so forth. This type of translation requires in-depth knowledge of the specialized terminology used in the text in addition to a high level of accuracy. In Technical translation, there is no room for mistakes. Imagine if a slight misinterpretation in an installation manual or chemical ingredients transcript, this means wires may be connected incorrectly or a chemical substance could be added wrongly. Thus, we provide our clients with highly qualified technical translators in Dubai. Our translation team has the technical writing skills to ensure that the translated text is accurate, consistent and clear.


Technical Arabic Translator in Dubai

Alsun Translation Services in Dubai uses highly specialized glossaries and CAT translation memory in technical translation process so as to ensure accurate and consistent use of terminologies, save time and minimize ultimately cost. Some clients provide us with glossaries for the translation of their projects, which are consistent with the used terminologies in their industry. Our clients of technical translation in Dubai include telecommunication manufacturers and dealers, energy institutions, science and technology establishments, technological research facilities, scientific appliances manufacturers, technology-based entities, scientific research journals, technological websites, various researchers, construction companies, developers, builders, contractors, civil engineering firms, mobile phone manufacturers and vendors, and IT manufacturers.

Our technical translators in Dubai are familiar with the following documents:

  1. User manuals
  2. Maintenance brochures
  3. Product catalogues
  4. Technical specifications
  5. Installation guides
  6. Electronics
  7. Software
  1. Developer Guides
  2. Telecommunications
  3. Engineering projects
  4. Oil and gas industry
  5. Construction
  6. Scientific materials
  7. Standardization

Technical Translation Company in Dubai

We serve our clients with precise, customized and lucid technical translation services in Dubai at affordable prices and within tight deadlines supported by our highly professional team of technical translators in Dubai, entitling us their strategic translation partner.

Whatever your industry or project, Alsun Translation Services has technical translators in Dubai specialized in your industry who can translate your project per the highest standards of accuracy and professionalism. Just send us your files by email, and rest assured that you will receive your project highly translated and proofread before agreed deadline.


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