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Alsun Translation Services is a top-tier translation company in Dubai offering a broad range of translation services uniquely tailored to fulfill the needs and requirements of our clients. With offices all over the Middle East, Alsun has become one of the leading translation companies in Dubai serving an elite pool of clients in different disciplines, languages, and regions. Whatever the volume or industry of your project, be sure that our qualified translators will meet your expectations of quality, speed, and reliability based on their high linguistic skills and hands-on experience in translation services, rendering us your first translation office in Dubai.

Our Standards

Alsun Translation Services has developed its quality standards as per best international standards, including ISO-17100, putting in our considering the specific requirements of translation services in Dubai

Our Team

Alsun's team contains the most knowledgeable translators and linguists who are fully equipped and experienced in providing top-notch translation services Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Cairo.

Our Company

Alsun is a leading translation company in Dubai for more than a decade and serves individuals and businesses with top-notch translation services in most language pairs and more than 50 industries in UAE

Our Services

We provide a full range of language services to help our individual and corporate clients overcome cultural and linguistic barriers, including translation, interpreting, proofreading.

Looking for certified translation office in Dubai!

Alsun Translation is a legal translation Office in Dubai duly certified by UAE Ministry of Justice and specialized only in the legal sector

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Transcreate your message across all marketing platforms maintaining relevance and consistency through our team of Arabic translators in Dubai.

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Document Translation

Alsun provides highest-quality document translation services in Dubai to a large pool of individual and corporate clients in various industries and languages.


Interpreting Services

We provide interpretation services in Dubai for conferences and meetings for anybody or agency that needs to communicate with a foreigner.


Localization Services

Website translation in Dubai is increasingly demanded by our clients to adapt their products to the cultural and language preferences of target audience.


Copywriting Services

Our team of Arabic copywriters in Dubai helps you best position your brand in the market with SEO-friendly content by our professional Arabic writers.


Proofreading Services

Alsun provides Arabic proofreading services in Dubai for those who need assistance in the final editing of their written or spoken piece of language.


Desktop Publishing

Alsun translation company offers high quality Desktop Publishing (DTP) services in Dubai supported by dedicated writers, editors, and designers.


Remote Simultaneous

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation in Dubai helps individual and businesses cover their events and conferences through remote interpreters.

What our clients say?

Alsun Translation Company in Dubai

“You deliver us high quality translation and we still aspire to more… we have professor holding two doctorate degrees in translation, but you exceeded him especially in English. We will keep sending you bigger projects in future isa”

Khalil Al-Awor, Chairman, Al-Awor Trading


Legal Translation in Dubai

Looking for legal translation in Dubai ? Do you need to have your legal documents translated? Hire the Experts! Alsun Legal Translation Services in Dubai as a leading translation company duly certified by UAE Ministry of Justice

Business Correspondence

Alsun is your ultimate choice for translating and writing your business correspondence through our professional native translators who have sufficient experience in the chosen field for your business success.

Travel and Tourism

Alsun provides professional translation services in Dubai to private and public sectors working in travel and tourism industry for our competence and extensive experience gained over years in tourism industry.

Certified Translation in Dubai

Alsun is a certified translation office in Dubai providing official translation of any document to be a legally binding document in another language and recognized and accepted by government bodies and officials in UAE.

Financial Translation in Dubai

Alsun Translation knows well that the accounting and auditing services are the backbone of any public or private institution and provides premium financial translation services in Dubai to a large pool of financial and banking institutions.

Technical Translation in Dubai

Technical Translation in Dubai simply means the translation of highly specialized text that cannot be easily understood by layman such as medical and engineering manuals, done by dedicated technical translators.

Medical Translation in Dubai

Medical Translation in Dubai is so crucial and sensitive to human life as patient safety depends on clear communication, and any inaccurate medical terminology may put the patient at risk, so choose your medical translator well.

Oil and Gas Translation in Dubai

Demand for energy is increasing, and so are the oil and gas translation services in Dubai. Alsun Translation Services provides professional translation services in all the sectors of oil industry by specialized translators.

Marketing Translation Services in Dubai

If you are targeting foreign clients, you must choose a highly professional marketing translation company in Dubai as each word of your marketing and advertising materials reflects your identity and professionalism.

Why choose Alsun?

Meet our Team

Alsun has a team of professional translators, interpreters, localizers, proofreaders and coordinators who have the passion, advantage and experience to meet all your expectations of quality, speed and professionality.



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Online Translation Service In Dubai

Alsun is your first destination for certified translation and online translator in Dubai. If you are looking for quick and easy translation services in Dubai without being exhausted in transport and parking, call us now to know the time and cost of translating your documents, once confirmed our translator will finish your translation as soon as possible, and our PRO will deliver it at your door steps!

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For long years, Aslun has gained good reputation and recognition as a leading translation company in Middle East with a portfolio of success and achievement. If you are looking forward to a strategic partner for translation services in Dubai or you need a professional translation services of your documents, Alsun is your first option!


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