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Translation office providing top-notch translation services in Dubai customized to your needs through a network of professional native translators worldwide.


Translation Agency In Dubai Fulfilling All Your Translation Needs!

Alsun is a reliable and certified translation company in Dubai with more than 20 years of experience providing all translation services. Our team comprises highly experienced and well trained native translators conveying not just words, but the essence of meaning, tone, and context from one language to another. We deliver precise, confidential, and comprehensive translation services, covering legal, medical, technical, certified, financial, and marketing domains. We aim at serving all clients across the Middle East for business and personal purposes on time and at competitive rates. So, if you need professional, high-quality, and accurate translation services in Dubai, Alsun Translation Services is your ideal choice.

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Our Standards

Alsun Translation Services has developed its quality standards as per best international standards, including ISO-17100, putting in our considering all the professional standards and requirements of translation services in Dubai

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Our Team

Alsun’s team includes the best translators and linguists who are fully equipped and experienced in providing top-notch translation services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Cairo being leading translation center in Middle East.

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Our Company

Alsun is a leading translation company in Dubai for more than a decade and serves individuals and businesses with quick top-notch translation services for almost language pairs and more than 50 industries in UAE

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Our Services

We provide a full range of language services to help our individual and corporate clients overcome cultural and linguistic barriers, including translation services, interpreting, proofreading provided by top translation company in Dubai.

Looking for Certified Translation Office Dubai !

Alsun Translation is a translation center in Dubai duly certified by UAE Ministry of Justice and specialized only in the legal sector and offering professional translation services in Dubai as per the highest industry standards.

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Transcreate your message for all marketing platforms while maintaining relevance and consistency through our top team of Arabic translators in Dubai.

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Document Translation

Alsun provides highest-quality document translation services in Dubai and UAE to individuals and corporate clients in various industries and languages.

Interpreting Services Dubai

Interpreting Services

We provide high-quality interpreting services for conferences, meetings, and for individuals & companies to easily communicate with foreigners.


Localization Services

Website translation in Dubai is increasingly demanded by our clients to adapt their products to the culture and language preferences of the target audience.


Best Copywriter

Our team of copywriters helps you increase your brand awareness and ROI with SEO-friendly content by our professional Arabic writers in Dubai.


Proofreading Services

Alsun provides Arabic proofreading services in Dubai for those who need assistance in the final editing of their written or spoken piece of language.


Desktop Publishing

Alsun translation company Dubai offers high-quality Desktop Publishing (DTP) services supported by dedicated professional writers and editors.

remote simultaneous interpretation dubai

Remote Simultaneous

Our remote simultaneous interpretation in Dubai helps individuals and businesses cover their events and conferences with highest professionality.


Alsun Translation in Dubai

“At Alsun, our team of expert translators provides flawless and certified translation services tailored to your precise requirements. With our extensive background in the industry, we guarantee the highest quality that consistently surpasses expectations, making us your ideal choice for all your translation”

alsun translation clients
Sarah QtaishSarah Qtaish
01:15 29 Dec 22
It is one of the best translation services. It was incredibly fast and they submitted multiple drafts until I got what I exactly needed. Their responses are also prompt anc super fast. I highly recommend them!
Jassim Salah SalahJassim Salah Salah
07:55 07 Dec 22
excellent customer services. they handle to delivery as fast as possible. Highly recommended!!
Eslam SedekEslam Sedek
09:24 30 Nov 22
I am quite satisfied with the service. I got quick responses and quick action. They are very professional and courteous.
Mahmoud Abo EldahbMahmoud Abo Eldahb
09:09 16 Nov 22
The overall experience is great, Alsun translation center delivers its services as promised. This was a huge advantage as we needed to get translated brochures really fast. Lara is very responsive, thanks a lot
Beverley RichardsonBeverley Richardson
07:16 08 Nov 22
Outstanding Service!!I dropped my documents off on Sunday afternoon, having interrogated the receptionist in great detail on the phone, and my documents were emailed to me on Tuesday morning, and delivered an hour later. The staff in the office was so friendly and helpful. I'm astounded at the speed of the whole process.They were recommended to me and I see why.I highly recommend this service.

Translation Services in Dubai

Legal Translation in Dubai

Looking for legal translation Dubai ? Do you need to have your legal documents translated? Alsun Legal Translation Services Dubai is one of the leading translation companies certified by UAE Ministry of Justice.

Business Correspondence

Alsun is your ultimate choice for translating and writing your business correspondence through our professional native translators who have sufficient experience in the chosen field for your business success.

Travel and Tourism

Alsun provides efficient translation services Dubai to private and public sectors working in travel and tourism industry for our competence and extensive experience gained over years in tourism industry.

Certified Translation in Dubai

Alsun is a certified translation office in Dubai providing official translation of any document to be a legally binding document in another language and recognized and accepted by government bodies and officials in UAE.

Financial Translation in Dubai

Alsun Translation knows well that the accounting and auditing services are the backbone of any public and provides premium certified translations services Dubai to a large pool of financial and banking institutions.

Technical Translation in Dubai

technical translation in Dubai is a type of specialized translation of documents produced by technical writers or documents related to technical areas or tests. done by dedicated technical translators.

Medical Translation Dubai

Medical Translation in Dubai is so crucial and sensitive to human life as patient safety depends on clear communication, and any inaccurate medical terminology may put the patient at risk, so choose your medical translator well.

Oil and Gas Translation in Dubai

Demand for energy is increasing, and so are the oil and gas translation services Dubai. Alsun Certified Translation Service in Dubai provides professional translation needs in all the sectors of oil industry by specialized translators all over Dubai.

Marketing Translation in Dubai

If you are targeting foreign clients, you must choose a highly professional marketing translation company Dubai as each word of your marketing and advertising materials reflects your identity and professionalism.

arabic localizars in dubai

Arabic Localizers

Localization is the process of adapting a content, product or service to meet the needs of a particular language or culture of the target audience. Alsun Translation Agency Dubai team of Localizers manages and ultimately delivers large localization projects professionally and on time.... Our localization team has a varying skill set that includes strengths in organization and marketing. We localize the content of your website, marketing materials, legal documents, etc. Alsun Translation Company Dubai using its skilled team of localization creates a tailored strategy for the content of each client depending on the given requirements and needs. Our localizers help each client to reach the target audience or market easily.

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Being a professional team of translators based in Dubai,Alsun team includes a large number of highly trained and native translators. Each one of our translators has graduated with a degree in translation or linguistics and has many years of experience in the translation industry.... All of our translators work exclusively in their own native language and relevant field of experience. At AlsunTranslation office in Dubai, we match our clients' translation projects to our translators' experience, to make sure that each project is done by a subject-matter expert. In addition, our clients can benefit from the services of a translator with specific skills that are suited to that client's translation project. Thanks to our team of translators we deliver fast translations always on time.

project managers

Project Managers

The first step to our services is assigning a competent project manager to be with you every step of translation process. Our team of project managers mainly understands requirements, create a plan, and coordinate resources to deliver a high quality and accurate translation....At Alsun Translation Office Dubai, our project manager professionally connects the client’s needs with the translators that are best suited for the translation project at hand.A translation project manager is in charge of supervising the overall process of translation for all clients. Also, each project manager keeps his assigned client updated on the progress of his/ her translation. Finally, each project manager in our team ensures the translations being delivered are complete and yield to original project terms.AlsunTranslation Agency in Dubai our project managers based on their years of experience, communication skills and knowledge of different translation management systems.

 interpreters in dubai


We have an experienced pool of interpreters across all major languages, to ensure you can always communicate clearly with your customers.Each interpreter in our team has a minimum of 5years experience as a professional interpreter. To ensure service quality, we cooperate only with ... highlyskilled interpreters, who are trained in their specialization and tested in practice. Alsun Interpreting and Translation in Dubai mission is to create value and facilitate communication between people worldwide by providing a reliable interpretation services for all our clients. Alsun interpreters provide a wide range of interpreting services including but not limited to simultaneous interpreting services, consecutive interpreting services, liaison interpreting services and whisperinginterpreting services. We have a team of interpreters who are experienced in different fields including but not limited to legal, medical and technical interpretation.

Accredited Translation in Dubai

Alsun Translation Office Dubai has language-dedicated teams, supporting over 50 languages. Every Language team comprises native certified translators, interpreters, and reviewers specialized in different areas. At Alsun, every team of translators is managed by an expert linguist and a project manager. We translate different types of documents including marriage and divorce certificates, agreements, contracts, driving license translation Dubai and much more.

offering our services in the following language pairs:


We are one of the few companies in Dubai that support over 100 language pairs. We rely on our big network of native translators. We offer our services in the following languages:

Why choose Alsun?

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Quick Turnaround

We know how tight our clients' deadlines are! If you need urgent translation of your documents in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, we adapt our efforts and times to your deadlines by having translators work overnight and/or on weekends to meet your most challenging turnaround requirements.

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Professional Translators

We are keen to provide premium quality translation services in Dubai to our clients. We rely on our extensive network of translators who are the best in the industry. Our translators are recognized experts in their subject areas and the targeted languages. To ensure the quality of our translation in...

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Expertise in Legal Translation

Our team of translators in Dubai has excellent knowledge of the legal systems of each country and hands-on experience in translating legal documents ranging from birth and marriage certificates to laws and decrees, positioning Alsun as a brand name for quality and excellence in Translation Services in Dubai.

Certified translation services

Trustable Translation Services for All Your Business Requirements

Our business Translation services Dubai are prepared to satisfy your corporate requirements. Our network of expert translators has a global reach and is smartly hired to provide one-of-a-kind translation services for any venture. No deadline is too strict for us, and we'll be there for you from start to finish. We could translate all business files and find the ideal translator for business meetings, events, etc. Our professional translators have experience in business Translation in Dubai, and we provide precise, rapid at affordable rates. Alsun’s team has a reliable native translators located in 24 time zones, enabling us to process huge size projects on time. Our marketing Translation services Dubai can assist your business in reaching the right audiences in the correct language.

Certified Translations Accepted Everywhere

At ATS translation company Dubai, we support your first impression by expertly blending creative thinking and data-driven ideas to meet your requirements. Thanks to the accreditation by all embassies and the Ministry of Justice in UAE, we can provide a certified translation service that is easily recognised and accepted by all UAE official authorities, including: Free zones,UAE courts,Dubai land department,Road and Transport Authorities,government offices,Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA),Banks and universities, and All Embassies in UAE. Our Accreditation is a testament to our commitment to excellence and dedication, guaranteeing that our translations hold the utmost credibility and validity in the eyes of various official bodies. You can confidently rely on our top-notch translation services, saving you time, effort, and potential complications.

Alsun Translation services
translation services 24/7

Reasons to deal with ATS:

Alsun is a perfect choice for all searching for a certified and reliable translation company Dubai.We boast a reliable quality that guarantees accuracy, consistency, and excellence in every translation task.

  1. Our experts optimise translated content for search engines to reach a global audience effectively.
  2. We take security seriously, safeguarding your valuable and sensitive content.
  3. We care for the confidentiality of your information and data and need a trustworthy translation agency whose translators have signed NDAS.
  4. With our 24/7 customer support, we offer continuous assistance at all times.
  5. We have a proven track record of delivering accurate and culturally sensitive translations.
  6. Our translation company Dubai ensures quick and hassle-free service, enabling you to meet tight deadlines.

Professional Translation Center Dubai for all your needs

At ATS Translation Company Dubai, we offer a comprehensive range of translation services to clients worldwide at competitive rates.Each document is translated by a specialist with linguistic expertise in the source and target languages, maintaining the accuracy and nuance of the translation process.

With a dedicated team of experts, our translation services in Dubai provide precise and specialised translations across a diverse spectrum of industries, including medical, technical, and legal translations. We provide legal translation services in over 100 languages and dialects and serve all document types, including: Patents and permit documents, contracts and agreements,litigation and court papers,marriage and divorce certificates,birth and death certificates, academic certificates, documents related to immigration,Compliance policies and procedures,terms and conditions,Non-objective certificate,Official rules and regulations,User manuals and toolkit explanatory,court papers, legal emails and summons,embassies documents,screenshots for police cases,press release,and website pages and blogs.

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I need Translation Services near me!

Alsun is one of spreading translation offices in Dubai being oldest translation agency in UAE. If you are looking for quick and easy translation services in Dubai without being exhausted in transport and parking, call us now to know the time and cost of translating your documents, once confirmed our translator will finish your translation as soon as possible, and our PRO will deliver it at your door steps!

1.Select language

2.Upload your text

3.Set your deadline

4.Know price

Know Alsun in figures!

For many years, Aslun has gained good reputation and recognition as a leading translation company in UAE with a portfolio of success and achievement. If you are looking forward to a strategic partner for translation services in UAE or you need a professional translation services of your documents, Alsun is your first option!


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  • Alsun Translation Office Dubai is a leading translation and interpretation services provider not only in Dubai but in the Middle East and across the globe.
  • We rely on a team of highly-professional, qualified and well experienced translators, interpreters, proofreaders, editors, localizers, etc.
  • We are available 24/7 with prompt response.
  • Alsun offers translation services Dubai at affordable rates, no hidden charges are included, and on time without compromising accuracy.
  • We provide document translation Dubai in more than 100 language pairs.
  • We provide certified translation services in Dubai for all types of documents.
  • Our offices are located near you, contact us for more information.
  • We are a Team of Professionals, more than “a translation agency”

Certainly, we offer certified translation services on time by a certified subject-matter experts. The certified translation documents are accompanied by a certificate indicating the translation was carried out by a professional certified translator. Certified translations usually have an additional cost; please contact us for more information on certified translation cost.

It is very simple; we are available around the clock. You can request a Certified Translation by contacting us via email and sending us a copy of your document and a dedicated project manager will respond to you promptly, or you can visit our premises.

Surely. We provide professional website translation services. We tailor our services to match your target audience at competitive rates. For more information on website translations contact us.

Alsun Translation Company in Dubai offer translation services in all parts of the UAE, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, Ajman and Fujairah.
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