Project Coordinators

Project Coordinators

We have a team of qualified project Coordinators dedicated to your service and satisfaction all the times.

Responsibilities of Project Coordinator:

  • Directs and manages project development from the beginning to the delivery date.
  • Assess received project in coordination with skillful and expert linguists; this includes language combination, type of text, text complexity, volume of project and so forth.  
  • Reaches an agreement with the client on all the details of the project.
  • Delegates tasks and responsibilities to appropriate personnel by assigning the required qualified translators that best fit for the job, on the basis of his/her specialist knowledge, linguistic abilities, native language, and the years of experience in the chosen field to translate the project.
  • Plans and schedules project timelines and milestones using appropriate tools, then tracks them.
  • Deals with any notices or requirements from the client’s side and acts with the nominated translator to fulfill them.
  • Keeps attention to details “The Little Niceties”
  • Clarifies any related issues or feedback to the client.
  • Reviews the final version of the project before delivery for consistency, formats mirror, content, style, and design to make sure they all meet the client’s requirements.

We have a clearly-defined Customer Service Policy with the aim of reaching the customer’s satisfaction and contentment

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