Arabic Localizer in Dubai

 Localization is not only about translating a text, it is the process of adapting a content to fit a specific foreign area to be better understood and received by the target audience. This can be everything from words and numbers, to currency, expressions etc. Localization requires an experienced Translation agency, to meet all client targets and provide them with accurate and high quality translation by our Localizers .

Localization is often confused with translation, but they are actually two different processes. Translation can be a part of localization process. The function of localization is to make the content more appealing. The localization process include converting to local requirements (such as units of measure), using proper local formats for dates and phone numbers, meet all requirements and regulations of targeted markets as well as converting design, graphics and layout and so forth, to suit the intended markets and reach client targeted audiences.

Arabic Localization Services in Dubai 

Alsun Translation Company provides full range of software localization as our localization team (Localizers) manages to adapt our clients content to the culture and interests of the target audience applying the required precise changes in the format, expressions, designs, graphics, etc. They do not only translate words, but they translate your thoughts, ideas, intentions, and so forth.


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