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French translation Dubai is the best at Alsun. We have a team of expert mother-tongue-certified French translators in Dubai. Find out more about our translation services.

Alsun French Translation Dubai provides native French translation in Dubai for all types of documents and projects. We have a team of professional Arabic to French and English to French translators in Dubai. Our team has the linguistic potential, cultural depth, long expertise and deep knowledge necessary to successfully convey your message to your target audience.

Our French translators in Dubai know how to overcome the cultural and linguistic differences between French and Arabic to provide native content that reflects your identity and professionalism. We are fully aware of the strong relationship between France and UAE in many industries as there are about 300 French companies and branches in UAE and many UAE companies in France.

Therefore, we have dedicated a team of native French translators to translate business communications, notices, news, information, and official and political correspondence from Arabic to French, and native Arabic translators to translate from French to Arabic. We fulfil all the requirements of companies, businessmen, and people for effective communication with their partners and deliver their message in a highly professional way.

French Translation in Dubai

French translation Dubai

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If you are looking for a legal French translator in Dubai, you don’t need to look anymore! We provide accurate French translations you can trust.
French translation company certified by the UAE Ministry of Justice and all governmental entities in the United Arab Emirates. Our hands-on experience in the French translation industry has ranked us as the first provider of French translation services in Dubai. Besides translation, we advise our clients about all legalization and notarization procedures before French Embassy in Dubai and other governmental authorities for their satisfaction and comfort. Our legal French translator in Dubai has over 10 years of experience in the Dubai market.  We are available around the clock to serve our clients and meet all their business and individual needs.

Our French Translation Services include:

  • French to English and English to French Translation
  • French to English and English to French Interpreters
  • French to Arabic OR Arabic to French Translation
  • French to Arabic OR Arabic to French Interpreters

Significance of French Translation in Dubai

French is spoken by over 200 million people on 5 different continents in the world. The total number of French speakers may reach about 500 million people by 2025. Also, France is the world’s fifth-biggest economy and number three destination for foreign investment.

Alsun Translation Services provides native French translation of all types of documents through its professional team of Arabic to French and English to French translators and interpreters in Dubai. Our team of translators has an in-depth knowledge of the legal systems of both source and target languages. We are fully aware that there is no room for mistakes in legal translation. So we provide high-quality and accurate translations of all documents. We help our clients finish their transactions with the highest ease and flexibility.

Therefore, there is an increasing need for French-speaking translators and interpreters in many parts of the world, including the United Arab Emirates.

Certified French Translation Office in Dubai.

The need for certified legal translation from Arabic to French & French to Arabic has increased as the UAE embassies, courts, notaries and other authorities. They require the translation of documents submitted thereto to be legally translated by a French translation office duly certified by the UAE Ministry of Justice.

We are pleased to reply to any inquiries you may have about the authentication and legalization procedures whether in UAE or France. Get quick advice from our team now!

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Legalization of documents issued from UAE for use in France

The documents issued by UAE authorities must be presented to the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs for stamping. Then it is sent to our certified French translator in Dubai for legal translation. Then, the original documents are submitted with the legal translation thereof to the Consulate General of France in Dubai or the French Embassy in Abu Dhabi for attestation and verification to be ready for use in France.

Legalization of documents issued from France for use in UAE

  1. The French documents issued by French authorities must be first submitted to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs for stamping and attestation.
  2. Upon your arrival in UAE, you must submit the documents for attestation by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  3. Then, the documents are legally translated by our French translator in Dubai into Arabic or English. After that, the documents are submitted for authentication by the French Consulate in UAE.

Now, your documents are ready for use and submission to any entities in the UAE.

Other Translation Languages We Provide include: 

Contact us now to assign one of our professional French translators. We will translate your documents with the highest quality and within the required deadline.

Which languages can your team translate into?

We provide our legal translation into many languages including English, Italian, French, Russian, Chinese, Hindi and much more. We rely on our team of qualified legal translators to provide accurate translation services.

How Long will the translation take?

The turnaround depends on many factors such as the word count and file format. However, regular translations take from one day to three days and we can make exceptions for urgent files. At Translation company Dubai, We provide the best and the fastest French Translation to more than 60 languages.