What Does Alsun Translation Offer?

Alsun Translation offers certified translation services by our in-house certified translators in Dubai. Our certified translation services include affidavits, trial transcripts, contracts, or anything that must pass through a legal or government entity. Please contact us for more details about our translation services.

What document format can you translate?

We work with all kinds of file formats such as MS Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), PDFs, InDesign, HTML, and many other formats.

How do I send my documents?

Documents are sent to us via email. You can also send it via WhatsApp or you can visit our office.

What languages do you offer?

Our services cover +50 languages including but not limited to Arabic, English, French, Russian, Italian, Japanese, German, Hindi, Turkish and more.  Our experience e allows us to undertake translation projects in almost any language pair and subject matter.

Do you translate legal documents?

Yes, we translate all types of legal documents such as Official government documents, birth certificates, diplomas, wills, driving licenses and marriage certificates at high quality in any format. Our translations are accepted by official entities worldwide.

What are the common uses of a certified translation?

Certified translations are required for many reasons. It is usually needed in procedures with government entities such as applying for a visa, obtaining a driver’s license, immigration, etc.

How do you ensure that my translation is certified?

1. Translation of the document in the target language.
2. Certificate of Accuracy that confirms the accuracy of the translation and that it matches the original.
3. The full name of the translator or the translation company the date, the seal of the translation company, and the signature of the translator.

Are you accredited by official entities?

Alsun Translation Services Company is approved by official and governmental authorities, universities and embassies such as the Canadian Embassy, the American Embassy and other embassies.

How can I obtain a quote?

The best way to get a translation quote is by sending an e-mail to us at info@alsuntranslation.com. You can also reach us by completing our quote form, by phone or by visiting us at any of our branches. 

Do you work with native speakers translators?

Alsun clients always receive high-quality service, as we provide a translation that has been completed by a native speaker of the target language.

How do you select and test your translators?

In order to maintain the accuracy and high quality of our services, we hire translators based on their expertise and fluency. Translators are required to pass a subject-specific language test, provide verification of past experience, submit a reference, and spent a trial period. Selected translators must show language proficiency and technical knowledge. They must have the ability to follow instructions and deliver to meet deadlines.

How long will my translation take?

Deadlines are determined based on a number of factors; size, language pair, format, etc. In order to set a deadline, our project manager will need to review the source document. Please send us your files and get an immediate quote.

Do you offer proofreading services?

Yes, we offer proofreading services, but if that translation has too many problems then the revision could require as much time as a new full translation, and the provided quote will be higher. In case the quality of the translation is so low that we have to produce a new translation, in which case our translation rates will apply.

Is it possible to maintain the page layout?

Yes, we already maintain the page layout and we meet all clients’ requirements in this regard.

Are urgent projects more expensive?

Every translation project is unique. We usually follow standard turnaround times based on the volume of words, the languages pairs, and format. If we have to go faster than usual, an extra fee may be applied.

How can I check the status of my translation?

We allow our clients to easily follow up on their ongoing translation projects. Our project managers are available around the clock to provide clients with the required information.

How do you ensure that my translation is accurate?

At Alsun Translation services, we follow strict Quality Assurance System to ensure accurate, quality and error-free translation. In case you are not completely satisfied with our received translation then we will correct any quality issues, free of charge, until they meet your requirements. Ask about our Quality Assurance system.

Do you use machine translation?

No, we provide human translations only and never use machine translation.

Do you keep my data confidential?

Yes, we keep all your data and information confidential thanks to our security policy.  Our staff and other professionals have signed confidentiality agreements and/or non-disclosure agreements. Also, we are ready to sign your own NDA agreement.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment in cash, by bank check, through PayPal, or via bank transfer. Please contact us for more information about methods of payment.

Do you offer your services on weekends?

We offer 24/7 translation services. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.