At Alsun, quality comes first!

All our translation projects must undergo our QA process that consists of nine steps in order to ensure our clients the customized quality and sustainability of their translated product.

Here are the steps of our AQ process:

  1. Inquiry and quotation: Upon receiving the client’s inquiry, our project manager discusses the details of the translation project with the client. After a thoroughly assessment of the project, the project manager provides a consistent quotation to the client for approval.
  2. Selection of team: Once the quotation is approved, the project manager chooses the right translators whose expertise matches the subject field of translation project (e.g. legal, financial, technical, marketing, medical…etc).
  3. Glossary building: If the text of the project is highly technical or specialized, advanced research must be conducted to build a glossary of the most common terms.
  4. Translation: The team of specialized translators exerts its best efforts to translate the project with the highest possible quality.
  5. Proofreading: The project is delivered to our proofreaders for review within fixed timeframe. Proofreading process includes spelling mistakes, completeness, accurate meaning, coherence and formatting.
  6. DTP: We deliver the translated file to the DTP specialist to deliver it in the same format of the source document.
  7. Quality assurance: The final product is delivered to QA specialists to ensure the highest quality of translation of formatting is delivered as per the instructions of the client.
  8. Client review: The project manager delivers the translated project to the client requesting feedback.
  9. Final delivery: The feedbacks of the client, if any, are discussed and followed and the project is finally delivered.
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