medical translation dubai


medical translation dubai

Medical Translation dubai  is so crucial and sensitive to human life as patient safety depends on clear communication, comprehension of directions and proper operation of medical devices, and any inaccurate medical terminology may put the patient at risk. Therefore, choosing highly experienced and professional language provider is an absolute must.
Knowing how important commitment and accuracy are in the medical industry, ATS follows strict procedures to ensure our clients the highest quality and timely delivery of medical translation projects supported by our team of language and medical native experts who have the sufficient skills and hands-on experiences to meet all your medical translation needs.
If you usually need the translation of medical materials, you can count on our team of medical translators, physicians, interns, medical students and pharmacists who can submit accurate and error-free translation of any specialized medical materials.

medical translator

We provide medical translation dubai of the following documents, without limitation:

• Patient instructions
• Product manuals
• Medical records
• Clinical reports
• Discharge reports
• Clinical studies
• Insurance claims
• User guides
• Lab tests
• Patient information
• Patient questionnaires
• Case studies

• Medical reports
• Training manuals
• Package labels
• Clinical protocols
• Drug descriptions
• Health and safety reports
• Clinical trials
• Contracts
• Toxicology reports
• Discharge summaries
• Operating manuals
• Accident reports
• Regulatory documents

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