Medical Translator in Dubai

Medical Translation Dubai is so crucial and sensitive to human life as patient safety depends on clear communication, comprehension of directions and proper operation of medical devices, and any inaccurate medical terminology may put the patient at risk. Therefore, choosing highly experienced and professional language provider is an absolute must. Alsun is a leading medical translation company in Dubai and Middle East supported with a pool of medical translators and linguist physicians who are ready to serve you with any medical translation.

Healthcare Translation Services

Knowing how important commitment and accuracy are in the medical industry, Alsun follows strict procedures to ensure our clients the highest quality and timely delivery of medical translation in Dubai supported by our team of language and medical native experts who have the sufficient skills and hands-on experiences to meet all your needs of medical translation in Dubai.

If you usually need the translation of medical materials, you can count on our team of medical translators, physicians, interns, medical students and pharmacists who can submit accurate and error-free translation of any specialized medical materials.

We provide medical translation of the following documents, without limitation:

  • Patient instructions
  • ICF
  • Product manuals
  • Medical records
  • Clinical reports
  • Discharge reports
  • Clinical studies
  • Insurance claims
  • User guides
  • Lab tests
  • Patient information
  • Patient questionnaires
  • Case studies
  • Medical reports
  • Training manuals
  • Package labels
  • Clinical protocols
  • Drug descriptions
  • Health and safety reports
  • Clinical trials
  • Contracts
  • Toxicology reports
  • Discharge summaries
  • Operating manuals
  • Accident reports
  • Regulatory documents

Types of medical translation services

When performing medical translation online, there are a huge amount of medical records that need to be translated accurately for easing the act upon them. That’s why at Alsun, we provide different medical translation services for various records including but not limited to:

  • Clinical Study Agreements 
  • Operating manuals
  • Study drug labels 
  • Patient reports

Additionally, our services cover medical translation, interpretation, localization, machine translation post-editing, desktop publishing and more. That’s why it’s our priority to set your business on the track of success by providing a variety of medical records from preliminary reports to most technical ones.

For this reason, we always make sure to support our clients with the needed variety for an inclusive combination of medical translation services.

The need for certified medical translators happens to exist because they always deal with legal and official documents that need to be translated through experienced professionals in translating legal documents. As well, these documents should be stamped and certified by the Ministry of Justice (MOJ). Alsun Translation ensures to hire certified medical translators for helping businesses or individuals in need of a medical translation company.

medical translation services


Certified Medical Translation Rates

Moreover, there are up to 10 language translations that are most demanded and as a result, they cost the most rates for translating a single page. Alsun Translation Agency provides cost-effective rates for all languages. These languages are: English, German, Arabic, French, Japanese, Hindi, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Portuguese. That’s why medical translation rates vary, and mostly it depends on the target language of translation.

As well, it’s necessary to get accurate and precise medical translation in Dubai. From this point, choosing Alsun translation agency that specializes in medical translation services guaranteeing the efficiency of medical translation services provided. That’s why, picking the appropriate translation agency can save your whole time and technical efforts, in order to get over all globalization boundaries effortlessly.

Alsun Translation for the Most Comprehensive Medical Translation Services in Dubai!

Our team at Alsun Translation Services excel to deliver all kinds of medical documents translations for the most used languages around the world with the best quality and accuracy. Through our experienced legal professionals in over 100 languages, we care to provide our clients the best medical translation services that fits their tight and quick schedule. 

As we care to provide a proper translation for most demanded languages around the globe in various technical industries as medical, legal, and financial sectors. Moreover, we serve clients from all over the MENA region not only Dubai, that makes us one of the leading translation service providers in the middle east.

Conclusion: Heading to a medical translation company is the most applicable solution!

Actually, medical documents always convey a serious and sensitive set of information about the patients, and medicines. Hence, our medical translation services provided are imparted with the utmost quality and effectiveness. That’s why our team at Alsun Translation devotes all efforts to provide quality assurance to all our clients through various stages of proofreading.