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Our team consists of skillful translators in uae with wide experience in the field of Translation. Our translators are involved in constant professional development. Our aim is to deliver precise and premium translations always on time. Our skilful and professional translators learn every day from our clients’ success and they contribute to such success as well. We have a great team of language experts. Choose a team of professionals!  

We also believe in specialization, thus every one of our translators in uae is assigned the kind of translation job that he/she has the most experience in. They are all in a position, therefore, to meet our standards of professionalism, reliability and high quality.

All of our translators in uae follow the following procedures in the translation processes:

  • Reading the source text thoughtfully and then rewriting it in the target language, to convey the exact meaning of the source text.
  • Search for right terminology, words, and local concepts and use best resources online such as dictionaries and thesauruses. 
  • Using translation memory (TRADOS) in order to ensure the consistency of terms and reuse of the repeated paragraphs and sections.
  • Communicating with the project manager/client to discuss any unclear points.
  • Using the internet as a good research tool throughout the translation process.
  • Consulting the specialists in the points that could be only understood be specialists.

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24/7 Project management that guarantees your full satisfaction
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