Marriage Certificate Translation Dubai Cost

Translation of legal documents such as Marriage Certificate translation Dubai requires a high level of accuracy and reliability. So, choosing a reliable translation agency is very important. But you also need to get it translated in affordable prices. You will look for a translation agency that will inform you of every step of your translation and deliver to you the certification stamped and signed at a competitive price.

Marriage certificate translation from English to Arabic

A marriage certificate is a legal document that features information about the bride and the groom, including but not limited to the date and place of marriage, the bride and groom full name, their age, occupation, and place of residence, marriage witnesses’ full names and date when the certificate was issued. 

Factors that impact Marriage Certificate Translation Cost

When you need to have your marriage certificate translated to Arabic, you will need to contact a service provider to know if they offer marriage certificate translation services in Dubai and ask for a quote. There are some factors that impact translation cost:  

Delivery Time

The delivery time differs depends on the Translation service agency experience and client request. Marriage certificates usually take from 1-2 days, and the Translation service agency may add additional costs if the client is pressing for a quicker delivery time.


A very important factor you need to look for when translating your marriage certificate confidentiality. You need to find a translation agency that maintains 100% confidentiality and request all their translators to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before sending them any documents to translate.


Process of Marriage Certificate Translation Dubai 

The translation in itself may seem to be easy, but in fact, it needs a lot of work and accuracy. You need to find a Translation services agency that follows the below steps:

  1. Receive a picture of the certificate.
  2. transform the picture into an editable format
  3. extract the text and translate it
  4. send a draft translation to the client so he/ she could check the names and the dates
  5. once approved by the client, the translation agency will add the translated text back into the original template
  6. Then they certify the translation and send it to the client on the agreed delivery time. 
  7. Some Translation agencies allow online payment with any credit or debit card.

The translation must be:

  • Fully certified and authenticated.
  • Recognized by official entities. 
  • Hold an official letter & stamp.


Now, whenever you need to have your marriage certificate translated, you know what you have to do, as you have learned about the factors that impact the Marriage Certificate Translation Dubai Cost and how to choose the translation services Dubai