Many personalities consider their marriage day a special day and a memorable and immortal memory. Unfortunately, all marriage conditions do not last. According to the American Psychological Association, 40% to 50% of marriage conditions end in divorce. Divorce decree translation is very important, so the translator should be professional and skillful. At the outset, let’s know and define the term “divorce decree”.

What is the divorce decree?

A divorce decree is the final step in the procedures of the court for your divorce legally. It is a document that legally finalizes your marriage. It includes information about the court’s decision, all data on the division of the property, how to share and spend time with your child, custody, the reason for separation, and alimony, all such information is provided in the divorce decree translation. A divorce decree is issued by the court. Know

When the divorce decree is issued?

The divorce case may take a long time, maybe months or years in court. After the two spouses agreed on the separation and submitted the papers of settlement to the court which takes the measures and the final decision. The settlement that the spouses submitted to the court may be written in the record or oral at the courthouse. The Judge reviews what the spouses agreed upon. The judge takes into consideration all the evidence and testimony, issues the decision of separation, grants the divorce, and issues a divorce decree containing all terms of the settlement. Divorce decree translation should be accurate because of its importance.

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When will the divorce be final?

The divorce of the two spouses shall be final and binding on the same day and date that the divorce decree is signed by the court. You will receive the decree a few days later. The court shall deliver the divorce decree to your attorney who shall give you a copy of it. Upon the decree being signed by the court, you will be single and have a new chance to remarry because your former marriage is over. If any of the spouses do not follow or commit to the decision of the decree, you should recourse to the Court to enforce the terms of the decree.

Where do you get a free copy of a divorce decree?

If you lost your original decree and want to get another one, you should go to the clerk’s office. Divorce decree translation is so important if you decide to travel abroad so, it should be certified.

The difference between a Divorce Certificate and a Decree

The answer will be, of course not, there is a significant difference.
A divorce certificate is a simple document stating the names of the two parties, place, and date of birth and is issued by the state. It is used as a marriage and birth certificate. A divorce decree is issued by the court and it is a final and binding order. If you want to change your name on the driving license after the divorce so, you should obtain the divorce decree as proof to change your name.

Divorce certificate translation services

Divorce Certificate translation in Dubai must be stamped with the legal translator’s name which is authorized by the UAE Ministry of Justice. Translating divorce papers is essential to be used inside Dubai and outside while it needs to be in Arabic and English. In case of having the divorce papers in any other languages such as Russian or Spanish, the papers need to be translated by the certified legal translator for these languages. Moreover, the certified translation isn’t limited to the decree certificate, it includes all types of family documents such as birth certificates, and marriage certificates.

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