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German Translator Dubai Services at the best price & quality.  Alsun Translation is a professional German translation agency with in-house native translators from Germany. Besides, every single German translation is checked by an experienced in-house revisor.

German Translation Dubai Services 

We translated more than 10,000 documents from and into German. Our German translators can translate your texts from and into German with Perfect quality. They translate legal documents, certifications, business plans, academic texts, and much more. Our German Translation Services include the following:

    • German to English and English to German Translation
    • German to English and English to German Interpreters
    • From German to Arabic OR Arabic to German Translation
    • German to Arabic OR Arabic to German Interpreters

The Advantages of Our German Translator in Dubai

  1. Native content – Our competitive advantages are attributed to a variety of factors, including native content, commitment, affordability, and customer satisfaction. Our German translators translate only to their native language. If your need to translate a document from English into German, a German native translator will translate your document. And if you need to translate a document from German into Arabic, an Arabic native translator will translate your document.
  2. 99% of our customers recommend us – we offer flawless translation from or into German. Which gives our clients complete confidence in our translation services.
  3. perfect translation – We know from experience that German translations involve taking into account German quality standards and cultural differences. That’s why we always approach getting to the perfect translation.

You can just rest assured that you will receive highly native content that suits all your marketing and business needs for your full satisfaction. Moreover, and thanks to our pool of German translators, we are able to deliver top-notch and cost-effective German translation.

Significance of German Translation in Dubai

The German Language is one of the members of the Indo-European language family and the official language of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

There are about 210 million German speakers worldwide German is the fourth most used language online. This may be due to the fact that Germany is one of the three European powerhouses.

It is one of the official languages of the United Nations and has a great diplomatic and economic influence on our planet.

There are three types of Standard German Language that differ only in lexicon and phonology.

  • German Standard German
  • Austrian Standard German
  • Swiss Standard German

There are two main dialects of German; Low German and High German, each consisting of some varieties. Our German translators and interpreters are fully aware of such dialects and varieties as their native language and competence.

Certified German Translation Office in Dubai

Our German Arabic Translator in Dubai is duly certified by the UAE Ministry of Justice and any German Arabic translations bearing his seal are duly approved and accepted by all governmental and non-governmental entities in the United Arab Emirates.

If you have any document for the legal German translation, just send it to us now and you will receive it duly translated and ready to be submitted to all embassies, ministries, notaries, courts, or consulates in the UAE or any other external bodies.

We are your first choice for certified German Translation in Dubai with the highest quality, speed, and cost-effectiveness.

Our project managers are available around the clock and ready to help you with any inquiries related to the translation or legalization of your documents.

Why Alsun Translation? 

Alsun German Translation Services in Dubai is highly respected and recognized as a leading German Translation Company in Dubai. Our Company is serving individuals, companies, and organizations across a broad spectrum of industries and specifications. If you are looking for a qualified German translator in Dubai, look no further we are your ideal partner for unrivalled German translation services.

Thanks to our qualified team of native German translators, we have been able to build lasting partnerships with clients across various specifications.

From viewpoint of Alsun Translation, the most effective way of translating German texts is to use QA Filters (Translation, Revision, Proofreading, and Final Check-up). We do not simply deliver target text once translated by the German translator as all our translation projects, whether one page or one thousand pages shall pass by QA filters.  The last filter includes an expert comparison of the original source and translated text to detect any relevant differences. Our German Translation Experts can easily distinguish between naturally occurring differences that result from the translation process and deviations that merit attention.  Our German Quality Assurance specialists can detect any discrepancy in translation and make appropriate document revisions before delivery to clients who trust us as their strategic language partner. We also offer French Translation Dubai.

Legalization of documents issued from Germany for use in the UAE

  • In order to use your documents issued in Germany or any other German-speaking country in the United Arab Emirates, you must submit them to the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs for attestation.
  • Then, you can bring the duly attested documents to our office for legal translation from German into Arabic.
  • The attested documents with translations thereof must be thereafter attested by the German Consulate or Embassy in Dubai or Abu Dhabi or any other Consulate or Embassy.
  • Now, you documents can be legally used in UAE. your documents have legal effect before all governmental and non-governmental authorities and entities.

We are fully aware of the legalization process required by German authorities in the UAE and in Germany. Get quick advice from our team now!

Other Translation Languages We Provide include: 

Legalization of documents issued from UAE for use in Germany

In order to use your documents issued in the United Arab Emirates in Germany, they must be duly attested by the following authorities:

  • Legalization by the authority of the German entity issuing the documents.
  • Authentication by the UAE Embassy or Consulate in Germany.
  • Translation by our Legal German translator in Dubai who is certified by the UAE Ministry of Justice.