Looking for certified translation services Dubai? here are reasons why the Alsun translation services office is your ultimate choice.

Certified Translation Services Dubai

Do you need certified translation services Dubai to support immigration, legal or visa papers in the UAE? With Alsun Translation Services, you will have access to hundreds of certified, professional and native-speaking translators. We have a team of native-speaking translators from your target destination who offer reliable certified translations. Our certified translation services are accepted, 100% guaranteed and easy to order. Alsun helps you get your birth certificate, driving license, diploma, or any other document translated from and to up to 50 Languages. We also provide legalization services for your documents that you can use abroad.

Many decisions in everyone’s life such as immigration or starting a new business require long legal processes that involve loads of documentation. Sometimes such processes require the documents to be in a foreign language and submitted to certain entities. That’s why you may need certified translation services.

What is a certified translation?

According to the ATA, a certified translation is a document translation that must come with a declaration of the accuracy and completeness of the translation. It takes a skilled professional translator to provide a certified translation. To guarantee the original document has been accurately translated into the target language. At Alsun certified translation services Dubai we use various factors to assure the accuracy and completeness of your translated documents, such as our certified translators and linguists. We are accredited by the UAE Ministry of Justice.  All your certified translations come with the official seal of Alsun certified translation services. Our certified translations are accompanied by a certification statement.

What is the certification statement?

A certification statement is a document delivered with certified translations that include the following:

  •   A declaration affirming the accuracy and completeness of the translation.
  •   The translator’s name, signature, and date of the translation.
  •   Translator’s qualifications.
  •   Identification of the translated document and language.

Alsun certified translation services provide you with a team of qualified and certified translation professionals who work accurately and fluently with the language that you need.

What are the common uses of a certified translation?

Certified translation is a way to prove that the translation is an accurate copy of the original document. People may need certified translations for many reasons including:

  •  Doing business: The world has become more connected than ever before. In order to open opportunities in foreign markets for your business, you will need certified translation services to support clear communication with possible audiences. In addition, you will need certified translation services to conclude business agreements and contracts.
  •   Procedures with government entities or embassies: When you apply for a visa, you will need a certified translation of your document into the target language. If you are living in a foreign country and want to simply drive a car, you will need to apply for a driver’s license. Or in case you want to claim public benefits then you will need certified translations. Also, when you go to court, you need to present your official documents in the language of the intended court.
  •  Educational Purposes: Educational institutions abroad require foreign students to submit certified translations of their application documents (e.g. diplomas, birth certificates). They expect applications to have an exemplary education history translated into their official language.
  •  Immigration: When you plan for immigration you will need certified translation services for all your documents (e.g. marriage certificate, birth certificate, bank account statements, etc.)

Our certified translation services Dubai are guaranteed. We help you by providing accurate and reliable translations which meet your various requirements. Alsun translation office provide certified translations that are accurate copies of your original documents. We accept documents online in PDF, image and Word formats. We guarantee that our translation services are accepted around the world.

Alsun Certified Translation Services Dubai

With more than 15 years of experience and countless certified translations, Alsun Translation office Dubai regularly provides certified translation services Dubai to its clients in many industries including but not limited to commercial, medical, technical and legal translation services. By partnering with the right certified translation services provider you will get accurate and reliable certified translations that fit your needs and requirements services.

Our Legal Translation Services

Alsun is accredited by the UAE Ministry of Justice to provide certified legal translation services. Our team of legal translators deliver certified legal translations by the UAE Ministry of Justice, as well as embassies. We work with professional native-speaking legal translators around the world to provide premium translation services.

Alsun delivers certified translation services for any kind of document for legal use. The following are some of the legal documents we translate:

  • Birth Certificates
  • Agreements
  • Contracts
  • Immigration Documents
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Divorce contracts
  • Diplomas
  • Litigation Documents and many more.
  • Bank statements
  • Court orders
  • Degree certification
  • Wills
  • Memoranda
  • Trade Licenses
  • Power of Attorneys
  • Patents

Alsun Network of Certified Translators

In Conclusion, our network of certified translators gives us the ability to provide certified translation services in Dubai in over 50 languages, and in any country. We hire and train the most professional translators in the world. Our linguists ensure the accuracy of translations and leave no errors behind. In addition, we hire the best account managers, to ensure that every project is matched with the professional translator most suited to accurately complete clients’ certified translations.

We speak your language

Alsun provides certified translation services Dubai in over fifty languages, with rapid delivery, at affordable prices, and 24/7 customer support, contact us for a free quote!

Our translation services include: 

To find out more information about our certified translation services, give us a call, or send us an email.