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Some of the most searched words online in Dubai are “Arabic document translation near me”. The Arabic Language is spoken by around 422 million speakers (native and non-native) making it one of the five most spoken languages in the world. It is the official language of the UAE as well as 21 other countries.  At Alsun translation services, we know that Arabic to English translation is of prime importance for any industry, so we deliver high-quality translation services for all of your documents in more than 50 languages.

Arabic Document Translation Near Me

The need for Arabic translation services is growing in the UAE. Arabic is the official language of the country and any certificate or document you submit to any official department should be in Arabic. When you type “Arabic document translation near me” on the internet your search will lead you to Alsun Translation services.  Alsun works in a wide array of fields. That’s why our company can help clients in the UAE and other countries with court orders, contracts, medical reports, manuals, birth certificates, and more. We provide the following services:

Legal Arabic to English Translation

Arabic to English translation in Dubai is mostly legal documents. Alsun provides legal translation from Arabic to English for a wide range of documents. Our translation is recognized by all embassies, courts and official entities in the United Arab Emirates. Our legal translators provide precise translations tailored to suit your needs and requirements. We are committed to providing the best legal translation services to our clients. Our legal services include but are not limited to the following:

  • (Legal Statements, legal disclaimers, formal Complaints, wills and trusts, contracts and Agreements, legal Summons, confidentiality agreements, litigation documents, court transcripts, arbitration translation, witness statements, letters of credit, affidavits translation, correspondence, depositions, driving license, judgments translation, diplomas and more).

Alsun Arabic document to English translation is completed by native speakers specialising in legal translation. We understand that legal documents are of crucial importance and any mistake may lead to serious consequences. So, we hire subject matter translators to ensure the accuracy and quality of translations.

Certified Arabic document to English Translation

Alsun Translation Office Dubai delivers accurate and approved certified Arabic to English and vice versa translations. Our team of expert translators consists of native professionals offering certified translation services for the following documents to and from the Arabic language:

Our services are 100% accurate as we follow the best practices that ensure the accuracy and quality of translations. Contact us to ask about the quality assurance system. Our clients include government officials, companies, businessmen, students, and many more. We provide our clients with high-quality translations and seek their full satisfaction.


In conclusion, If you are searching for translation services and asking about Arabic document translation near me in Dubai. Then you probably heard of Alsun. We are the best translation provider in Dubai and the Middle East. There are many reasons why Alsun’s name comes top when you search for Arabic document translation near you, including:

  • Subject Matter Expertise: Our certified Arabic translator has the expertise to deliver world-class Arabic documents to English translations in many fields. They understand the requirement of the client and translate accordingly.
  • Alsun Speak Your Arabic Dialect: We provide our Legal Translation to clients across the Arab world; our translators have a deep understanding of all dialects, including Modern Standard, Egyptian, Gulf, Saudi, Levantine, Tunisian and Libyan Arabic dialects. We also cover other languages such as French, German, Japanese, Italian and more.
  • No Machine Translation Allowed: Our services are delivered by professional human translators of Arabic native speakers. Our certified Arabic translators are experts in Arabic document-to-English translation and know how to address the sociocultural difference between English and Arabic written language systems.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: When a client searches for Arabic document translation near me on the internet and comes to us, we are so confident that our language services will gain the client’s full satisfaction. We offer accurate, high-quality translations that meet client’s requirements and needs.

For any inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us via email, WhatsApp, call or visit our nearest branch for more information about our services.