Are you planning to work or study abroad? If so, police clearance translation is essential to demonstrate your criminal record history in your home country. This blog explores the importance of police certificate translation and the best translation company to ensure it’s done accurately.

What is a police clearance certificate translation?

A police clearance certificate is an official document that tells if someone has a criminal record at a certain time. But, it doesn’t include information about old convictions, minors’ actions, or other legal judgments.

People usually need police translation when they want to work in another country, especially if the job is related to sectors such as education, health, security, etc.

Who is qualified to provide police clearance translation?

When translating a police clearance certificate, you should hire a certified translator who knows the legal terms and rules of the country.

He should also understand criminal records’ legal and social consequences, ensuring the translation is accurate and trustworthy. 

Remember that some organizations or authorities might have specific rules about who can do these translations, so it’s essential to research and follow those guidelines.

The importance of police clearance translation

Police clearance translation is often needed when you want to study or work in another country. 

Given this document’s sensitive and official nature, police clearance translation must be accurate and precise through a certified transition company.

A certified police clearance certificate translation may be necessary for various purposes, including:

  • Applying for a scholarship.
  • Getting a visa.
  • Finding a job in another country.
  • Getting a license for weapons.
  • Applying for citizenship.
  • Getting a permit to live or work abroad.
  • Working in fields like security, education, or healthcare.

Professional English police clearance translation

Alsun Translation Services in Dubai is one of the biggest providers of certified translations in the Arab world. 

Thousands of businesses and individuals trust our services because we consistently deliver high-quality translations quickly and affordably.

Our team of English translators has a strong track record in translating police clearance certificates. 

They’re professionals who speak English fluently and are native speakers of over 50 languages. 

We can even get the certificate notarized to prove the authorized signer’s identity and provide you with original copies with wet ink signatures.

Certified police clearance translation you can depend on

Police clearance translation is essential in immigration, employment, and legal contexts, as it guarantees that decisions are made based on precise information. 

The accuracy and meticulousness of police clearance translation are paramount to establishing credibility and upholding fairness.

At Alsun, we offer the best-certified clearance certificate translation with competitive pricing, swift turnaround times, and through a team of expert translators well-versed in legal matters.

Our unwavering commitment to precision and confidentiality ensures that our translations are reliable, easily recognized, and accepted for legal and professional purposes.

Multilingual police clearance translation at your service

At Alsun, we understand the importance of precise translations for documents like police clearance certificates. 

That’s why we ensure our clients get top-quality, multilingual translations that match their needs. 

We can translate your police clearance certificate into and from over 50 languages, including the rarest and the most common ones.

Why choose Alsun for police clearance translation?


police translation dubai

Choosing Alsun guarantees your clearance translation is in safe, professional hands. We take accuracy seriously, and that’s why all translations are super accurate. 

1- Confidentiality

We know how important it is to keep your police clearance certificates confidential. So, we’ve put strict security measures in place to ensure your information stays safe. 

Your privacy is our top priority, and we handle your documents with extra care to keep them secure and private.

2- Legal expertise

Our translators are experts in the legal field, knowing all the ins and outs of police clearance certificates so that they can translate them accurately. 

We focus on getting it right and keeping things confidential, making our translations trustworthy and suitable for legal and professional purposes.

3- Quick turnaround times

We understand how time-sensitive legal matters can be. That’s why we work fast to get your translations done without sacrificing quality. 

Our expert translators work efficiently to make sure you get your translations on time, every time.

4- Customized translation plan

We work closely with you to create a translation plan that suits your needs and budget. 

Our experienced translators ensure the translations are accurate and dependable, perfect for legal and professional use.

Alsun provides comprehensive translation services with the utmost precision 

In addition to police clearance certificates, our team is readily available to translate all related documents, including:

  • Arrest warrants.
  • Court orders and judgments.
  • Bail bonds.
  • Witness statements.
  • Probation or parole documents.
  • Letters of reference or recommendation.
  • Legal contracts and agreements.


Police clearance translation is vital for pursuing opportunities abroad. At Alsun, we are committed to providing accurate and secure translations. Our certified translators specialize in handling these documents, ensuring precision while safeguarding your privacy.