cost to get something translated

How much does it cost to get something translated? It is an important question when you look for a certain service. Translation services are just like any other service, have a certain factors that determine its cost including but not limited to word count, type of translation, speed and format. In addition, translation cost is calculated depending on various methods such as per word rate, per page rate, per translation project and so on. 

 In this blog post we will discuss the main factors that affect the cost of translation services and how to calculate the translation cost.

How much does it cost?

It is a very important question that is answered through leaning about the factors that affect the translation cost; here are some factors that play an important role in determining translation cost:


A professional translator has the knowledge and expertise that enables him / her to translate from source language to target language accurately on time. You need to hire a professional agency that has a team of qualified and specialized translators in the type of translation you need. Here, in Alsun translation services we rely on our professional team of native translators that are specialized on different types of translation. We assign your project to the competent translator specialized in your documents type.

Type of Translation 

 There are different types of translation such as medical translation, legal translation, technical translation, general translation and so on. Each type of translation has its complexity and requirements, thus the cost translation differs from on type of translation to another. For instance, medical translation is a complex type of translation that requires certain skills and knowledge and the cost of its translation is high when compared to general translation. 

File format 

Some file formats will cost you more than others. The most common file format is PDF and word files. Other formats including PowerPoint, charts and graphs will definitely cost you more.  Alsun translation services Dubai offer you affordable prices for all types of file formats.

Work volume 

Work volume plays a vital role in determining the translation cost. Translation costs are sometimes determined based on the overall work volume, other time per word or per page. In large projects, you may get some kind of discount. Check our French translation in Dubai.

Source and Target Languages 

The language combination is a main factor in translation cost determination process. Some languages are normally cost more than other such as Thai which is considered a rare language. While common languages such as English, French and Arabic will cost you less. Get your free quote today via Aslun translation services Dubai WhatsApp or email. 

Translation-related Technology 

Using new translation-related technologies such as using CAT tools including but not limited to Trados, MemoQ, Wordfast and Across. These tools reduces both translation process time and cost. Alsun translation services provides translations using CAT tools, submit your translation project now.  Check our French translation in Dubai 

Ways to calculate translation costs 

There are many methods to calculate translation cost, below are some of these methods:

  1. Translation per word.
  2. Translation per page.
  3. Translation per hour.
  4. Flat fee.
  5. Minimum price. 


  In a nutshell, knowing the factors that controls the cost determination will help you estimate the cost of your documents translation. Contact Alsun translation services in dubai for and get a translation quote.