7 Different Types of Translation Services

In today’s world, language translation services are in great demand. There are different forms of translation services; each type of these translation follows a specific process and has a particular technique that suits its content and requirements. What makes sense for one translation type might not work for another. Thus, cooperating with an established Translation Company can provide exactly the kind of translation services you need.

We will discuss below seven different types of translation services.

  1. General Translations

General Translation is the simplest type of translation. Texts in this type of translation are without terminological difficulties and do not require specialization. Accordingly, the language should be clear and natural and avoid technical terms. This translation includes, for example, news articles, advertising texts, letters, and job applications. 

  1. Legal Translations

Legal translation is a sensitive and complex type of translation that needs experts.  It is different because law is culture-dependent; therefore it requires a specialist who has a high degree of understanding of the legal systems of both the source and target countries. Legal translation covers a wide range of documents, including contracts, agreements, memorandums, warrants, wills, certificates, reports, court minute and so on.

  1. Technical Translations

Technical translations are one of the most demanded translation services nowadays, because of the constant evolution of technology. Technical translation is the translation of materials dealing with scientific and technical subjects like user guides, manuals, online help text, instructions leaflets, training materials, marketing materials, software, games, videos, and so forth. This type of translation requires high knowledge of the specialized terminology used in the text.

  1. Financial Translations

Financial translation deals with texts and documents relating to bank records, statements, account statements, company annual reports, financial statements and contracts, etc. This type of translation requires an in-depth knowledge of financial terminologies as well as attention to detail.

  1. Literary Translations

Just as the name implies, literary translation refers to the translation of literary works such as poems, plays, novels, film scripts and books. This is probably the most complex type of translation because literary documents could be tricky.  It is not an easy task to convey the true meaning of the source language into the target language, as the literary texts involve humour, emotions, feelings, rhyming words, idioms, and so forth. Therefore, literary translation requires high expertise.

  1. Medical Translations

Medical translation is one of the most challenging areas of translation that requires specialized knowledge of the medical field. Texts in this type of translation include but are not limited to medical equipment manuals, medical books, medical publications, medicine packaging, scientific articles, results of clinical research, reports of pharmaceutical tests, medical findings and more. Translation of medical texts requires a well-established Translation Company that offers specialized medical translation as the requirements of this type of translation can differ from country to country.

  1. Juridical Translations

Juridical translation involves the translation of laws, decrees, regulations, partnership agreements, contracts, protocols and conventions, insurance policies, bail insurances and more. It requires strong legal background


There are more translation types such as software localization, administrative translation and script translation. Each type of translation has its different techniques, requirements, and terminology and thus requires specialized translators or a Translation Company that hires them.

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Which type of Translation do you favor?