When looking for legal translation services in Dubai, you must know first that the way you express your ideas and information in your audience’s language constitutes the first impression about you and your company and reflects your professionality. A poor choice may lead to unhappy consequences, including embarrassment, lost customers, and many other issues. In a multilingual community like Dubai, translation is critical for effective business communication and the success of your business, so you shall consider the following factors when choosing your translation agency in Dubai which you can count on for professional work.

How to Choose a Translation Company in Dubai?

  • Specialization

Most translation companies are specialized in certain field/s in which it has in-depth knowledge and deep experience, so you should ensure that your translation office in Dubai is specialized in your industry. If you need to translate legal documents, for example, you must go to a legal translation company, and for marketing materials, you must go to a media translation company..etc.

  • Speed

You should know the capacity of the translation company in Dubai and its ability to finish your projects on time. You can ask about the number of in-house translators specialized in your language pair and industry in addition to freelance translators and the productivity rate of each, and if they can work outside the usual working hours or not.

  • Confidentiality

You should ensure that your translator ensures the confidentiality of your information by storing the documents in a secure place, and signing confidentiality agreements with its network of translators in Dubai; you can also sign NDA for particular projects.

  • Customer service

It’s also worth considering how the translation services in Dubai will serve you, including availability hours, responsiveness, requests for second edits and adherence to your notes…etc

  • Experience

Your translator in Dubai must have hands-on experience in translating your materials and in-depth knowledge of the same subject matter, as not all translators can handle legal document translation in Dubai or medical materials. You should know about the translators who will handle your project if they are native in the target language, their years of experience, the field of specialization, productivity rate, and even their first names.

  • Ask for sample

Be sure to ask the translation company in Dubai for samples of their past projects in the same field or to translate 100 words for your materials for free, then you can check and decide if the translator fulfills your expectation of the quality and naturalness of the translated text.

  • Translation process

You should ask about the translation cycle of your project and be fully aware of the quality assurance filters that the translation company applies. The more filters, the more accurate and effective translation you receive, without prejudice to the speed factor.

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  • Comparison

You can contact more than one translation agency and compare the values offered by each company. You will then see the whole image clearly and be able to decide the most competent and suitable translation company that fulfills all your requirements of quality, speed, effectiveness, responsiveness..etc.

Hoping for benefit and luck for all and May Allah rewards us greatly for this work.