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Have you ever wondered how videos can speak multiple languages without changing the original audio? It’s thanks to the artistry prowess of voiceover translation services. In this blog, we will explore the world of voiceover translation, its importance, and why Alsun is the best choice for getting the most accurate and professional voiceover translation services.

What is voiceover translation?

Voiceover translation is a way to explain what’s happening in a video using a single narrator’s voice instead of having a whole team of actors replace the original voices. 

This is different from dubbing, where actors try to match their words with the characters’ lip movements.

Big movies usually use dubbing, but voiceover translations work better for smaller videos. 

They let the original audio stay in the background while the narrator explains what’s happening, even if the words don’t match the actors’ mouths.

Turning all the talking in a video into just one audio track is a tough job, and excellent linguists and voiceover artists usually do it. 

At Alsun, we have a lot of experience doing this, so we’re a great choice if you need voiceover translation for your videos in any language.

The importance of voiceover translation services

Voiceover translation services are an excellent choice for videos that share information. 

It works well for corporate training and customer e-learning videos. 

Even narrative videos like news reports and documentaries can be used effectively.

This method is ideal when you don’t need to match the speaker’s emotions or lip movements, like in educational videos with just one instructor or news interviews where what’s said matters more than how it’s said. 

So, voiceover translation is enough to communicate your message in these situations.

How does Alsun provide professional voiceover translation services?

Alsun offers professional voiceover translation services by leveraging a team of highly skilled linguists and voice artists specialising in dubbing and voiceover and carefully translating the source content into the target language, ensuring accuracy and cultural relevance. 

1- Script Preparation

If we have the narration script, we’ll use it for translation. But if not, we start by writing down what’s being said in the video.

These scripts are usually organised into two columns. One side has the English text, and the other has the translation in the target language. 

This format makes it easy for the translator to compare and get the translation right.

2- Client Review

Before recording the voiceover, we let the client check the translated script to ensure the translation is right from the start.

Once the client gives the green light to the script, we do one more careful proofreading round to ensure everything is perfect. 

We also talk to the client about tricky words or phrases and ensure we understand their preferred style and tone before we start recording. 

This way, we ensure the voiceover matches precisely the client’s wants.

3- Script Translation

When translating scripts for voiceovers, a big challenge is ensuring the translated text matches the length of the original language. This way, the recorded voice fits the video perfectly.

To do this, our translator tweaks the text so that the voiceover actor can speak it naturally and fit within the video’s time limits.

Our translators always keep an eye on the source video as they work. When translating for a recording, we watch and listen to the video to catch details that reading the script alone might miss. 

For example, we check if the word “you” in English should mean one person or more in a particular situation. 

Also, using the video as a reference helps us understand the overall mood that needs to come through in the translation.

Why choose Alsun?

Choose Alsun Translation office Dubai for our proven excellence, expert linguists, cultural sensitivity, timely delivery, and exceptional customer service, ensuring top-quality voiceover translation services for all your needs.

Only the most skilled and experienced linguists

Script translations can sometimes lose their meaning, especially with casual dialogue. That’s why it’s essential to work with experts who can help. 

Our voiceover translators are pros at keeping things professional and completing the job on time.

Efficient and simple process

Don’t worry about hidden costs; we offer fixed rates and packages. This means you’ll always know what to expect, freeing you up to focus on what matters most to you and your business. Feel free to ask for a detailed quote anytime!

Remote voiceover localisation

You can trust our dedicated translation partners to help you reach a bigger audience. If you need to adapt to a new group of people, we offer voiceover localisation services that you can easily set up online from your desk.

We translate all types of projects.

We can handle projects of any size. Whether you need help with a small e-learning project, a video voiceover translation, or an audiobook, we’re here to simplify the process.