Language is the heart of our communication, pumping understanding and empathy into every conversation. But regarding translation, is the heart of the matter better served by machines or humans? Let’s journey together to discover why human touch by translation companies is the true lifeblood that connects us all.

Machine translation with AI: How far have we come?

AI-based or machine translation uses computer algorithms to translate text or speech from one language to another automatically. 

It relies on machine learning algorithms to analyze bilingual data and learn patterns between different languages. 

Approaches include rule-based, statistical, and Neural Machine Translation (NMT). 

Rule-based uses linguistic rules, while statistical uses models based on bilingual corpora. 

NMT, the most recent and successful approach, trains deep neural networks to predict word sequences in the target language. 

However, AI-based translation is not perfect and can produce errors or awkward phrasing, making it crucial to have human translators review and edit the translations for accuracy and clarity.

How machines are learning to translate!

AI-based translation relies on sophisticated algorithms that learn from vast data to translate between languages. 

Here is a general overview of how translation is done with AI:

  • Preprocessing phase

Before translation can occur, the input text is preprocessed to prepare it for translation. 

This can involve tasks such as text normalization (e.g., converting numbers to words), tokenization (splitting the text into words or phrases), and language identification (determining the language of the input text).

  • Training phase

Next, the AI model is trained on a large corpus of parallel data consisting of source and target language text pairs. 

The AI model learns to associate the source language text with the corresponding target language text by identifying patterns in the data.

  • Translation phase

When a new text needs to be translated, the AI model converts the input text into a series of numerical representations it can manipulate. 

The model then uses these representations to predict the most likely translations for the input text.

  • Postprocessing phase

Finally, the output text is post-processed to refine the translation and make it more readable. 

This can involve reordering words and correcting grammar and syntax errors.

The drawbacks of relying on AI translation

There are several disadvantages of AI translation tools, including:

  • AI translation tools have improved but are less reliable than translation companies. Mistranslations can occur due to grammar, syntax, and word choice errors, especially for complex or nuanced content.
  • AI translation tools may struggle to capture language’s cultural nuances and context, leading to inaccurate translations that miss important meanings and connotations.
  • Some AI translation tools may have limited support for less commonly spoken languages or dialects, making it difficult for users to find accurate translations for their needs.
  • AI translation tools may not provide personalized translations considering individual users’ needs or preferences.
  • Some users may be uncomfortable using AI translation tools, particularly if their sensitive or confidential information is being translated and stored by a third-party service.
  • Relying solely on AI translation tools could lead to a reliance on the technology, which could be problematic if the technology fails or is unavailable for any reason.

Why are certified translation companies still the best choice over AI translation?

While AI translation can be helpful in some cases, it may not always provide accurate and contextually appropriate translations. 

Certified translation companies are the best option for documents requiring legal validity and accuracy for several reasons, including:

  • Accuracy: Certified translation companies employ human translators with experience and expertise in accurately translating documents. They can understand the context of the document and ensure that the translation is grammatically correct and conveys the intended meaning.
  • Quality assurance: translation company in Dubai has quality assurance processes to ensure the translation is error-free and meets the required standards. They review each document thoroughly and make necessary corrections before delivery.
  • Personalization: Human translators can personalize the translation to suit the client’s needs. They can consider the client’s specific requirements or preferences, ensuring a customized translation that meets their needs.
  • Confidentiality: Certified translation companies ensure privacy and protect the client’s sensitive information. They have strict data protection policies and procedures to safeguard the client’s data.
  • Legal validity: Certified translation companies provide legally valid translations that government agencies, courts, and other organizations can accept. They know the legal requirements for translations and can provide a certificate of accuracy that confirms the translation is accurate and complete.

Will Artificial Intelligence Replace translation companies?

AI has significantly advanced NLP and machine translation, leading to powerful language translation tools. However, they have limitations compared to human translators. 

AI can translate simple texts but struggle with complex content and cannot understand context, tone, and intent, leading to translation errors. 

Translation companies consider the broader context, target audience, and purpose of communication to ensure appropriate and effective translations.

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