Korea has recently become a significant business hub in Asia. Many top companies, IT leaders, and entrepreneurs are eager to expand their ventures in Korea. Both South and North Korea use Korean as their official language. Koreans value their language and culture even as they expand their businesses. Consequently, there’s a growing demand for Korean language translators. ATS can help by providing the best certified Korean translator near me services.

The global influence of the Korean language

Korean is the main language in North Korea, South Korea, and some parts of China (Yanbian and Changbai). Although the ways Koreans speak in North and South Korea may have slight differences, they both follow the same rules of the Korean language.

Korean is the 17th most-spoken language worldwide, with over 75 million speakers. About 24 million people speak Korean in North Korea and about 48 million speakers in South Korea. Additionally, there are around 1 million Korean speakers in the United States, over 2 million in China, and roughly 500,000 in Japan.

South Korea’s economy is growing rapidly, which has put the Korean language in the spotlight on the global stage.

Who can benefit from our Korean translation services?

Many different people and organizations need Korean translations for various reasons, including:

  • Big companies need accurate Korean translations for Korean-speaking customers. They want to ensure their messages are clear.
  • Law firms also need Korean language translators. They rely on them for legal documents.
  • Hospitals and health groups need Korean translations, too. They want to understand medical info in Korean.
  • Government offices also need Korean language translators to communicate well with Korean speakers.
  • Small businesses also hire Korean language translators to translate websites and other materials.
  • Even individuals need certified Korean translations. They might need documents for immigration or travel.

Professional Korean language translator at your services

At ATS, our Korean language translators don’t translate word-for-word. They ensure your message fits Korean culture and connects with Korean people well. 

Whether you’re a law firm, a healthcare provider, or a government agency, ATS is the best choice for Korean translation. Our Korean language translators handle various documents and materials, including legal translation for papers, medical reports, technical manuals, marketing materials, and digital content.

Choose Alsun Translation company in Dubai and expect top-notch, reliable, and affordable Korean translation services with transparent pricing. Let us help you effectively reach your Korean audience.


We provide the best Korean-to-English translation service

We’ve got top-notch Korean-to-English and English-to-Korean translation services. Our translators are native Korean and English speakers. They undergo a strict vetting process to maintain our high standards and ensure top-notch quality for our clients.

We provide certified and standard English to Korean and Korean-to-English translation services. Our experts can handle all kinds of translations, from official documents to business contracts and creative writing, ensuring accuracy in every project.

ATS provides comprehensive certified Korean translations

KOREAN translator

Our certified Korean language translators can meet all requirements in all domains, enabling us to provide comprehensive translation services: 

1- Korean business translation:

We prioritize ensuring business documents are seamlessly adapted to the Korean business context.

Our business translation includes:

2- Korean legal translation:

Entrust your legal documents to our certified experts. We will translate them with precision and meet all legal standards.

Our legal translation includes:

  • Court Proceedings.
  • Client Meetings.
  • Depositions.
  • Arbitrations and mediations.
  • Legal Pleadings.
  • Legal seminars and training.
  • Witness statements.
  • Evidence review.
  • Contract discussions.

3- Korean medical translation:

Our Korean language translator accurately translates medical documents and easily grasp clinical details and specialized terminology.

Our medical translation includes:

  • Medical records.
  • Radiology reports.
  • Surgical procedures.
  • Discharge summaries.
  • Pharmaceutical Information.
  • Medical conferences and seminars.
  • Physical therapy notes.

4- Korean technical translation:

Our Korean language translators accurately translate complex engineering, IT, science, and more documents.

Our technical translation includes:

  • User guides.
  • Instruction manuals.
  • Maintenance manuals.
  • eLearning Courses.
  • API Documentation.
  • Handbooks.
  • Webpages and Websites.
  • Patents.

5- Korean academic translation

Our academic translation services are top-notch. They’re designed to help scholars, researchers, and educational institutions worldwide. We ensure to meet everyone’s different needs.

Our academic translation includes:

  • Lectures and seminars.
  • Research interviews.
  • Conferences and symposia.
  • Thesis and dissertation defenses.
  • Group discussions.
  • Accessibility.
  • Online courses.
  • Laboratory experiments.

Final thoughts

The demand for Korean language translator in Dubai reflects Korea’s global influence and economic prominence. Whether you’re a big company, a law firm, a hospital, etc., ATS offers top-notch Korean translation services that suit different needs. Our certified translators ensure the translation is accurate, respects the culture, and meets industry rules in business, law, medicine, technology, and academics.