International Translation Day was celebrated on Sunday 3oth September. We, as an Arabic translation company in Dubai, get this day as a great opportunity to highlight the importance of translators, interpreters, and others in the language services industry.

Let us admit that translation and translators deserve honor for their great role in our daily life; as translation is one of the most required tasks in all fields and in all countries all over the world. Translation paves the way forward for interaction worldwide; it also contributes to nations’ interactive relationships through making advancements in technology, politics, and so on.

The main aim of translation is to bridge the communication gap between companies and their global audience through understanding their language. International Translation Day is entered recently into the calendar of international events, Launched in 1953. It is established by the International Federation of Translators. This annual event is an opportunity to appreciate translators’ profession who try to make the world a smaller place. By breaking down language obstacles and allowing literature to be transferred far more widely. The importance of translation is seen as being of growing importance. Translators have many growing opportunities for international travel and trade markets.

Why 30 September?

International Translation Day is on 30 September at the feast of St. Jerome. He was a Bible translator who became the patron saint of translators. St. Jerome is used as a symbol of translators and translation; as St. Jerome studied the Hebrew Bible and translated it into Latin.

There isn’t a lot of appreciation for the translation jobs and the available awards are few. St. Jerome has done the most work on the bible, but he is not the only intelligent and hard-working translator. There are many translators who have paved the way for the world to understand classical literature, and this work continues nowadays.

Multilingualism, a core value in Dubai

A series of dedicated events, seminars, and symposiums across the world are held at this event. Translators are celebrating International Translation Day for more than half a century. This day is designed and entered into the world calendar to raise awareness of the work of translators.

Moreover, some leading legal translation Dubai and the Middle East. In general, it takes advantage of this great event and held meetings to discuss the latest trends in the Arabic translation industry. They also agree on the latest best practices in the translation market keeping pace with the latest international standards and practices in the translation world.

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