English to Arabic UAE translation


We will know everything about English to Arabic uae translation and other languages, such as German and Spanish in detail through this digital report from ATs press.

Translation Languages Services in Dubai enable you to interact with a worldwide audience with the assistance of an experienced translator. They can take various forms, including certified translation, spoken interpretation, localization, and globalization.

English to Arabic uae translation

English is, without a doubt, the essential global language. It is the language of science, new tech, business, and commerce in many areas. Authorities and many academic and other organizations necessitate files, reports, and other materials to be translated from English to Arabic and to Emirati Arabic, a challenge that only expert, well-rounded, and skilled translators, such as our team at ATS Dubai, could indeed meet. They locate the appropriate similarity even for terms that do not yet have an approximate.

ATS offers translation services from English to Arabic. We have highly skilled translators on staff who could also skillfully translate any content, including written/official documents.

Legal French Translation Dubai

We offer legal and certified French translation in dubai for all lawful purposes within the UAE and elsewhere. We know all verification chains and are in contact with French organizations in the UAE and France.

French, a Romance language, could trace its origins to speaking Latin, which also dates to the Roman Empire. Italian, Portuguese, as well as Spanish are also Romance languages.

In addition, French is broadly spoken in components of several US states, including Maine, New Hampshire, and Louisiana. French is Africa’s most widely spoken language, with 80 % fluency in Gabon, 78% in Mauritius, 75% in Algeria, and 70% in Senegal and Côte d’Ivoire.

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english to arabic uae

Spanish Translation Services

Spanish, also recognized as Castilian, originally came in the country’s Castile area and is spoken as a native language by approximately 400 million folks.

Legal Translations into Spanish

For most lawful reasons, both in the UAE and elsewhere, we could provide a legal and certified Spanish translation in Dubai. We are aware of the most popular authentication chains. We are currently in contact with the competent authorities, both in the UAE and in the country of origin, which could be Spain or another Spanish-speaking country anywhere in the globe.

German Translation Services Dubai

German is a West Germanic language spoken in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and South Tyrol (in Northern Italy). It is one of the most broadly spoken languages in the world because so many Germans fled to other regions following World War II, and there have been other critical eastward migrations over the centuries. German is grammatically related to Afrikaans, Dutch, English, Luxembourgish, and Yiddish. As a result, these languages share a large number of words. German has four variables and is known for combining several words to form one long-term—the recorded phrase has nearly 80 characters! The word with the most letters has Around 90 million German speakers worldwide.

We provide English-to-German and Arabic-to-German translation services for all industries and documents. Our highly trained and experienced German translators and interpreters would then assist our clients in effectively communicating their message to a German-speaking audience.

Because of our worldwide group of certified legal translators, we can provide lawful and certified translations from and into German. Moreover, we participate in offering the best solution for file legalization in both the UAE and Germany.

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What types of documents must be translated into German?

Most German officials require legal papers – from birth certificates to immigration documents and thesis, restarts, and so on – to be written in German. This generates a need for translation, which is why many people seek German translation services.

The best German translators work for ATS:

Our translators and interpreters are first-rate regarding German translation services in your area. Just Google ‘Certified lawful translation service near me,’ and you’ll find us. The translators at ATS are quick, precise, and competent enough to speak with the customer and recognize their needs.

Our organization has settled on a high-level gathering of German language translators who are well-versed in the nuances of this language and can decode all content quickly and expertly. We use the best in elucidation progress for quality assurance and file modification.

Whatever your translation needs are, ATS Translation in Dubai can entirely translate all kinds of paperwork from German to English, Arabic, and a number of other languages.

Russian to English translation Dubai

ATS also provides Russian translation in Dubai, the UAE, and more than 120 other languages. We serve our customers on all sorts of projects, big and small, as one of the prominent suppliers of Russian translation services in Dubai! We are one of the essential translation offices in the UAE. ATS is a well-known supplier of high-quality, expert translation services. Also, Dubai has an international reputation as a significant global trade hub.

Hundreds of thousands of expatriates from all over the globe work and live here. Many of them necessitate the assistance of an experienced Russian translator in Dubai and the UAE.

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Russian is mainly spoken in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, and Uzbekistan. Furthermore, relations between the UAE and Russia date back to 1971, when the UAE was established. Again, the Russian society in the UAE is the largest in the Gulf region. There are approximately 25,000 Russian citizens and 15,000 Russian speakers from other former Soviet countries. They relocated to the UAE because of the business possibilities and, of course, the sunny weather.

Furthermore, the UAE is a popular tourist destination for Russians and other former Soviet regions. Each year, the UAE is approximately 2,000,000 tourists.


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