Corporate translation is no longer a luxury but necessary for enterprises seeking international success. This blog explores the vital role of corporate translation, its common types needed, and why relying on Alsun is the best choice.

What is corporate translation?

Corporate translation is essential to multilingual communication, involving converting written text from one language to another. 

Its primary purpose is to facilitate effective communication within an organization and with external audiences.

Although there is no precise definition of corporate translation, it generally encompasses creating translated content for various purposes, such as advertising, legal documents, and internal communications.

The main goal of corporate translation

The main objective of corporate translation is to ensure that all parties involved can comprehend the same information, regardless of their language or cultural background. 

For instance, a Japanese company might translate its English-language press releases into Chinese, ensuring consistent messaging across different languages and cultures.

Moreover, corporate translation is pivotal in enhancing a company’s image and reputation. 

The beneficial influence of corporate translation on business success

By offering accurate translations of essential documents, businesses demonstrate their commitment to transparency and reliability. This, in turn, shows customers and partners that their needs and concerns are valued.

Business translation also significantly impacts marketing and advertising efforts. Cross-cultural communication is vital for successful branding, advertising, and promotional activities, as specific jargon and messaging tailored to each target audience are necessary to achieve desired goals and targets.

Furthermore, in customer support scenarios, connecting with a live person who can fully understand and address the customer’s issues is essential. By utilizing translation and interpretation services, businesses can foster greater customer trust and satisfaction, particularly in diverse markets.


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Common types of corporate translation

Corporate translation services have significant importance for each business. Below we will discuss the five common types needed:

Technical translation

Technical translation extends to specific technical industries like engineering, IT, and mechanics and includes translating diverse documents such as user manuals.

It requires expertise and proficiency in specialized terminology, making dealing with professional corporate translation services essential.

Legal translation

Rendering high-quality legal translations demands the expertise of skilled specialists.

As the names suggest, this type of translation deals with any content related to legal documentation. 

It encompasses translations of various documents, including: 

  • Registrations.
  • Warrants.
  • Certifications.
  • And more. 

Juridical translation

The juridical translation is often mistaken for legal translation, which has distinct linguistic terms. 

These services cover various content, including: 

  • Regulations.
  • Decrees.
  • Contracts.
  • Partnerships.
  • Insurance policies.
  • Agreements.
  • Bail insurance.

Literary translation

Literary translation is a specialized field requiring a unique skill set beyond general translation abilities. 

Not everyone can be a literary translator as it demands a profound command of the language and the ability to flawlessly convey the writer’s style and message into the target language, especially in video translation services.

Financial and economic translation

Though initially distinct, financial and economic translation employs similar tools and terminology. 

Translators in this field must undergo specific training and education before providing services. 

Businesses also recognize the importance of patent translation, which facilitates business growth.4

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The role of corporate interpreters

Interpreters are necessary to meet the international communication requirements of corporations, just as translators do. These two services complement each other in the language industry. 

Interpreters facilitate communication by converting spoken words from one language to another. 

When a business team visits a foreign country with a different language, they will need a corporate-speak translator to assist them in communication. 

Similarly, while a company may have its website translated into various languages, it must have interpreters on its helpline to handle inquiries in all those languages effectively. 

This ensures smooth and efficient communication with customers and partners worldwide.

Automated translation is a swift way to damage your business

Relying solely on automated translation tools is not a wise choice, and all available evidence suggests this will remain the case for the foreseeable future. 

Despite the relentless efforts of technology giants like Google, Microsoft, and Bing to improve their online translation services, these tools are bound to fall short of meeting the specific needs of businesses. 

Here are some reasons why you MUST NOT rely on automated translation for your business:

  • It can harm the business’s brand image and reputation.
  • The lack of the intended meaning or tone can lead to misunderstandings or even offensive translations.
  • It can easily lead to data breaches or unauthorized access to sensitive data.
  • Lacking human touch can result in content that feels impersonal or unnatural.
  • It may negatively impact relationships with customers and partners from different cultural backgrounds.

Choose Alsun Translation company for all your language needs

At Alsun, we do our best to ensure seamless communication between parties speaking different languages, such as Arabic, Spanish, and German, eliminating misunderstandings and costly errors that can hinder your business’s growth. 

Here are some reasons why choosing Alsun is the best step to have the most accurate and professional corporate translations:

  • Our genuine concern for your language needs translates to heightened customer satisfaction, increased loyalty, and a competitive advantage that sets your business apart.
  • We are available 24/7/365 to connect you with skilled interpreters, corporate jargon translators, or any translation services.
  • Our corporate translation services open the door to fresh business opportunities and grant you access to a diverse customer base, driving remarkable company growth and unprecedented profitability.
  • By streamlining processes and boosting productivity, we save you valuable time and money, ensuring your business runs at its full potential.
  • Offering our top-notch translation services showcases your company’s growth as a globally-minded brand that values diversity and inclusivity. 

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