Examples of our Translation Leaders

Mr. Gomaa Fouda is a graduate of the Faculty of Alsun (of Modern Languages), Ain Shams University. His experience in translation industry exceeds 15 years occupying many positions, including translation leader, translation manager and CEO. He oversees all the works of translators, interpreters, designers, and editors and defines the project’s objectives and watch over the quality control throughout its life cycle. His role is to plan, execute, and finalize projects according to strict deadlines and within budget. This includes acquiring resources and coordinating the efforts of team members being the central point of communication between our customers and our team members; in order to deliver projects as scheduled. At the professional level, Mr. Fouda has this unique excellent knowledge of three major languages; English, Arabic and German, in addition to being an expert in translation software tools. What distinguishes him the most is his extensive experience in coordinating and leading work teams and understanding the requirements of local and international markets.

Dr. Mohamed Tolba Nassar is a well-known lecturer in translation at Alsun (Languages) faculty, Ain Shams University and an expert translator and interpreter and professional writer in Arabic. Due his extensive experience in translation, he can deliver fast, accurate language translation services. Moreover, he has some publications to his credit, most important among which is translation of the book: Women in Islam (1996). in addition to a prominent book on reproductive health in Islam. He has spent his life enriching translation with his experience, mentioning and listing; he has been the chief translator at Alsun’sRifaa Translation Center, and as such has translated and edited virtually thousands of documents/ books/ materials that all have added to his reputation . His experience in this line of work includes simultaneous and consecutive interpretation sessions, including covering OrhamPamuk’s, the Turkish Nobel Prize winner, visit to Cairo in January 2007. Talking about Dr. Nassar may take chapters and chapters of books; He used to work for important international agencies and major multinational companies in the field of translation and interpretation.

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