Certified document translation services in the UAE: how much does it cost? and how to get the best translation in Dubai. Alsun Translation Company Dubai can help you.

Due to the openness of the world to each other, especially in recent times, everyone is in dire need of a certified professional translation of his documents to facilitate travel, migration and moving from one place to another. You will need approved official papers. This is what the Dubai Translation Office cares about providing certificated document translation services.  Our services satisfy the customer’s needs and ease his life.

Certified Document Translation Services

It is a translation in which all visual texts are checked. The translator translates literal and takes word for word into account during the translation process. Due to its importance in many situations such as universities, marriage, divorce and immigration cases. As well as in some cases as requested by some departments and local and international courts and the court of states and federal government.

The Dubai Translation Office always and forever observe the laws that stipulate the integrity of the translation profession, as it provides trained translators in all types of certified translation, especially legal translation Which is difficult to translate, but they have outdone themselves and proved their diligence for all Arab and foreign countries.

How much do certificated translations cost?

The translation price varies from one country to another, due to several factors, including the difference in the currency instrument and also due to the nature of the work of each office and its laws.

Therefore, the Dubai office tends to deal smoothly according to the client’s desires. But in most cases, We price the translation according to each page separately. Please note that:  if the client is in a hurry and wants to certificated document translation at an urgent time, this will lead to a higher translation cost than the original price.

How do you get a document translated and certificated

You can simply get acquainted with the best types of offices that provide certified professional translation in dubai through the Internet. Once you search for a translation office in any country you want, many results will appear for you. You can see the clients’ evaluation of it and then decide if you want to deal with them or not.

The office is also selected according to its professional translators. the extent to which it bears the burdens and questions of customers, in terms of the system, the accuracy of the translation process and the price that suits your pocket.

More about our translation services:

What is the legal translation in UAE?

Dubai translation is one of the best types of translations in the Middle East. Which has caught the attention of many customers due to the quality of its sympathizers and the accuracy of the translation that is being worked on to make it error-free. We provide our customers with professional translation and we are available around the clock. Then determine the appropriate time for you to deliver. Our experts then examine and translate it. Then they set a date for receipt. Legal translation services Dubai 


Alsun Translation office offers the best-certified document translation services in the UAE. We are also keen to complete your document on time because it is aware of the importance of approved documents in government institutions, immigration, and business.

The office offers all kinds of certified translations you want at a very special price that suits the size of your budget. It also works to deliver it to you on time without any delay and allows answering your inquiries around the clock. Hurry up to communicate and book your appointment.