Alsun Translation Company is here to handle your Apostille translation needs seamlessly. Our team comprises highly experienced translators proficient in translating Apostilles into over 50 languages. 

ATS translators excel in languages and have a deep understanding of the legal details connected to Apostilles. Whether for personal, academic, or professional purposes, our team is well-prepared to provide high-quality results.

Apostille translation services are indispensable

The apostille is a special kind of authentication recognized by the Hague Convention. It’s like a universal stamp that says your document is legit. This is important for documents like educational qualifications or legal papers that must be valid in other countries. The apostille ensures your document is accepted and recognized as valid in countries that are part of the Hague Convention.

Each place might have its way of checking if your documents are genuine. Some places might even ask specifically for a certified translation apostille to ensure authenticity. This means people often need apostille translation services to ensure the document meets the criteria of the receiving office, especially when there are language differences.

The apostille is globally recognized, so you don’t have to go through complicated processes in each country. It makes the verification process smoother, saving time and avoiding problems.

On top of that, the apostille translation service adds an extra layer of security and trust to your documents. Going through the apostille process translates your papers and authenticates them in a standard way. This makes your documents more legitimate in the eyes of foreign institutions, government bodies, or anyone else who needs the paperwork.

Why should you deal with a professional apostille translation agency?

Getting help from an apostille translation agency ensures everything is accurate, efficient, and follows legal rules. The professional agencies know the legal language well enough to translate complex documents correctly for the Apostille. They’re all about quality, ensuring they follow the rules of the starting and ending countries, saving time and lowering the chances of problems. 

They also keep things confidential, handle big workloads well, and can even offer personalized services like notarization. So, having professionals handle the translations for Apostille makes the whole process dependable and smooth.

Apostille translation company you can rely on

To get the best apostille translation, an expert who knows different countries’ unique requirements and laws is necessary. At ATS, our professional certified translators are skilled in handling apostille translation. They understand the legal industry thoroughly and can tailor the translation service to meet the client’s specific needs.

Our experts ensure the apostille translation accurately reflects the original document, conveying the intended message across various languages. They focus on finding the proper adaptation of legal terms and essential statements. This ensures the recipient fully understands the document’s purpose. 

Additionally, our professionals always adhere to the industry’s rules and regulations, ensuring the translated document is suitable for its intended use. This commitment guarantees a reliable and acceptable apostille translation for the legal field.

Translate and apostille birth certificate with ATS

aposilite translation services

We focus on helping you legalize birth certificates for global use through our apostille translation service. Our skilled team, including experienced translators and legal experts, emphasizes the accuracy and precision needed for translating vital documents like birth certificates. For any purpose you may need, personal, academic, or professional, we guarantee the translation is linguistically accurate and meets the specific requirements of the country where it will be used.

5 reasons for choosing apostille translation from ATS

1- Complete apostille and translation services

ATS has assisted many people in smoothly managing their Apostille and Embassy Legalization procedures. If you choose Alsun Translation Services, you can save time and money and avoid the hassle of working with less skilled companies.

2- A name you can trust

Our reputation and business approach are based on consistently delivering top-notch apostille translation services. We prioritize excellence in everything we do, which has helped us gain the trust and satisfaction of our customers. Our language list is endless, and we are ready to assist you in many language pairs such as German, French, Spanish, Ukrainian, and Arabic which is the main language. 

3- We understand your needs

Getting an apostille translation can be confusing and take up much time, which might be frustrating. We’re here to assist you; at ATS, we make the process quick and straightforward, ensuring it’s as hassle-free as possible.

4- Privacy and security guaranteed

Your information is safe with ATS. We use encrypted servers to keep it secure. We don’t share your data with anyone else. This guarantees your privacy and security.

5- We work with your schedule

Our trained experts are here 24/7 to handle your requests and answer any questions you have. We’re ready to kick off your apostille translations immediately.


At Alsun Translation Company Dubai, we understand apostille translation is more than just changing words. It’s about preserving the legal integrity and intent of the original document. Our translators go beyond linguistic proficiency, showing a keen awareness of cultural nuances and legal terminology to represent the Apostille faithfully in the target language.