At ATS, our medical records translation services give healthcare providers worldwide the tools they need to better serve their communities. Our professional medical team is committed to offering accurate and secure solutions in over 50 languages to help individuals worldwide access the care they deserve.

Medical records translation services

Medical records translation involves converting medical documents, such as patient charts, clinical notes, and lab reports, from one language to another. This specialised service is usually performed by medical pros who are well-versed in medical terms and the target language.

We need medical record translation for different reasons. For instance, when patients go for treatment in a country where they speak another language, when doctors need to communicate with colleagues or patients who speak a different language, and when sharing medical research findings globally.

Accuracy and precision are a must in medical record translation

Mistakes in translating medical records could have serious consequences for patients. It could mess up their treatment, diagnosis, or care. So, medical translators doing this job must know much about medical stuff in both languages. They also need to follow rules about ethics and keeping things private to protect patients’ info.

Why do you need medical records translation?

  • Patient care

Medical records are essential as they contain information about a patient’s health. This information is vital for healthcare providers to understand so they can provide appropriate care to patients who speak different languages.

  • Accessibility

In multicultural societies, translating medical records makes healthcare services more accessible to all individuals. This ensures they receive proper treatment and follow-up care, regardless of their language proficiency.

  • Continuity of care

When patients seek treatment in different regions or countries, translating medical records reduces the risk of medical errors and improves patient outcomes by maintaining consistent care.

  • Research and data analysis

Translated medical records contribute significantly to medical research and data analysis. They provide insights into diverse populations’ health needs, informing public health initiatives, medical research studies, and healthcare policy development.

Get the best medical records translation with ATS

Moving or travelling abroad often requires translating your medical records for your new doctor. This translation must be accurate and done promptly. AT ATS, we can assist you effectively with our extensive experience in medical records translation. 

ATS is a leading provider of certified medical records translations in Dubai and beyond. Thousands of businesses and individuals trust us for high-quality, timely, and affordable medical translations.

Our team of professional translators has handled many medical records. Regardless of the language, among the 50+ languages we support, ATS ensures precise medical and legal translation in Dubai  is delivered promptly.

We certify that translators have no personal relation to the document owner. Additionally, we offer notarization when needed, providing original copies with wet ink signatures.

Professional medical records translation in Dubai for all needs

We have the best professional medical translators ready to provide the most accurate and reliable medical records translation for every document, including:

  • Medical charts.
  • Medical insurance documents.
  • Medical supplies.
  • Informed consent forms.
  • Scientific publications.
  • Hospital discharge papers.
  • Hospital records.
  • Medical records.
  • Clinical study reports.
  • Regulations and legislations.
  • Clinical protocols.
  • Medical reports.
  • Clinical Trials.
  • Scientific research.
  • Test and analysis results.

Why choose our medical records translation services?

Our services, backed by expert translators and a commitment to accuracy and professionalism, help alleviate the complexity of medical records translation.

1- Quickly and accurately

We’re super quick at translating medical records. Our team works non-stop to get your documents ready quickly and accurately. Most of the time, we finish translating in just a few hours.

2- Accepted worldwide

Our medical records translations are top-notch, known and accepted everywhere. If you need them for embassies or anything official, we follow strict standards trusted by many institutions worldwide. 

With ATS, your medical records are translated with care, meeting accuracy standards and obeying various rules and regulations combined with UN Translation.

3- Translated by professionals

When you trust ATS for your medical records translation, you depend on people who know their stuff. Our team comprises expert medical translators who are native speakers of the language you need. They’re highly skilled and have lots of experience.

We ensure the translations keep all the essential details from the original. That way, everyone understands clearly, no matter what language they speak.

4- Always secure

Keeping your private medical information safe and secure is vital to us. We use the latest encryption to protect your original documents and all our translations.

We follow strict security rules at every step, from storing your data to sending it, to minimize any chance of someone getting unauthorized access or causing a data breach.

By making privacy and confidentiality our top priorities, we want you to feel confident that your medical records are handled with the utmost care and secrecy during translation.

Final thoughts

Translating medical records is essential for good healthcare everywhere. At Alsun Translation services , we provide fast and precise certified translations in over 50 languages. Our skilled medical linguists handle this task with professionalism and care. Choose ATS for a seamless experience supported by stringent security measures.