Before understanding the services provided by translation agencies for letters, it’s necessary to know the core of letter translation in today’s modern world. In simple words, an email translation refers to the process of converting the written content, whether of a personal or professional one , to the targeted language with literal accuracy and authenticity.

For this reason, the letter is the official way of sending a business message to business officials. From this point, Alsun Translation has made its unique way of translating letters for over 20 years, to include more than 70 pair languages across the MENA region.

Business letter translation in Dubai 

Nowadays, letters can be the descriptive way businesses tend to communicate offering proposals, delivering orders, and more. That’s why our capabilities at Alsun Translation developed for coping with the digital age, to translate all kinds of communicating letters. 

Although many people assume that letter translation services are a quick and simple task that anyone can perform easily, translating a single page with the power of professional human translators and native speakers of the target language is the only way to guarantee an accurate translation, ensuring that the message is translated and delivered as intended. Which makes our main priority for letter translation is effectiveness and efficiency.

Also, the types of letters vary now, which makes them an important way of communicating business needs.

Importance of Letter Translation Services 

Translating letters is a hassle of work to be done with lots of rules and considerations to be taken care of, especially in technical sectors such as agricultural, financial, and legal sectors. These sectors often contain jargon and special expressions. That’s why professional letter translation is necessary nowadays. As well, Alsun letter translation helps in:

  • Saving time and effort by translating technical words instead of too literally or incorrectly translating without compromising the content of the letter.
  • Delivering the intended message through humane knowledge specialists in each sector for the sake of guaranteeing accuracy and authenticity and ensuring high-quality letter translations.
  • Avoiding the embarrassment of automatic online translation that many users tend to use, which always results in too many errors. That happens mostly in alignment with the length and complexity of the original content.
  • Facilitating the relying form of communication for international firms that majorly work overseas or for particular businesses with a client base in foreign markets.
  • Leveraging cross-cultural communication estimations to the next level for collaborating in foreign regions.

Letter translation has significant importance in everyday business or personal lives; that’s why letter translation services are spreading in all multicultural countries.

Types of letter translation

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There are different types of letters to be translated based on their contents and the purpose of their writing. These types include:

  • Formal Letters

     These letters are strictly kept in a professional nature because they’re mainly directed for business use or legal use to authorities.

  • Personal Letters:

    These always contain personal information and are generally written to friends and relatives.

  • Business Letters:

    are often written for business and commercial information, whether for business orders and complaints, informing new branches, or setting business rules, regulations, and events.

  • Social Letters:

    These letters are occasionally written to invite people to special events, such as congratulatory and condolence events.

  • Employment Letters:

    These are used for the employment process, including offer letters and promotion letters. For this reason, offer letter translation is a frequently demanded service in the market.

 Alsun Translation qualities for letter translation 

It can’t be easily decided because specific formalities and rules should be understood before translating letters. But there are some common points that Alsun Translation takes care of for letter translation, which are:

  1. Accurate and Effective Translation: Whatever translations are sent through faxes, emails, or even telegraphs, the importance of delivering an accurate letter with perfectly written words makes the difference.
  2. Variety of Languages: Picking a translation for any language or being directed to any country shouldn’t be a limited option, even if someone demands Chinese email translations be sent to South America!
  3. Inclusion for all Industries: the services should include a wide list of private and public sectors, whether legal, business, healthcare, or education, to get a high-quality translation.

At Alsun Translation Services company, we aim to hire native, experienced translators who are trained to convey the whole meaning, not literal, automated meanings. That’s why we have been serving all our MENA clients effectively for more than 20 years now. Following international quality standards is one of the values we maintain to provide our clients with the best translation services.

Conclusion: Letter translation in a nutshell!

Letter translation services are still a demanded service that many audiences ask for, whether for personal or professional purposes, whether for legal or business issues. Therefore, picking the right and appropriate translation agency that offers the most accurate variety of letter translation services is the required step for settling.