Legal Translation is not for everyone! Legal documents are complex, full of different sentence structures, and have unique terminology. This means that legal Translation requires a legal translator who is a subject matter expert. Because there is no room for errors or ambiguity in legal translation as the consequences can be huge. A single error may lead to legal or financial complications. There are different types of legal translation including but not limited to contracts and agreements, financial records, litigation papers, intellectual property papers, and corporate documents. In this blog, we will look at some of the legal translation types to understand legal translation.

Before we look closer at some of the legal translation types, we need to raise a very important question that is asked frequently;

Is legal Translation Creative?

Creative translation is about adapting a text to a different language by avoiding literal translations while adhering to the essence of a text. This means that the translator may change or re-write some words or sentences. In other words, creative translation allows the translator’s imagination to take over in some texts. However, translation as an activity is considered to be creative. But when it comes to legal translation, it is totally different, as legal translation has a unique nature.

A small mistake or misinterpretation may lead to huge legal or financial complications. Legal translators cannot add or remove a word or sentence and of course, cannot use his / her imagination in a legal text.   Translating legal documents requires a deep understanding of the two different laws in countries of source and target languages. An expert legal translator can find the right equivalent of any word or term used without adding or removing a word or a sentence.

However, in another perspective, a legal translator can be creative in terms of finding the right alternatives, figuring out ways to communicate ideas without prejudice to the source text’s meaning, and searching for solutions to text problems while keeping accuracy.  

Different types of legal Translation

Intellectual property Papers

Having intellectual property papers translated helps protect intellectual rights, it is like a precautionary step. The purpose of intellectual property translation is to secure rights and prevent others from copying such rights by any means.

Alsun Translation Services Company provides accurate intellectual property paper translation at affordable prices and on time.

Legal Contracts and Agreements

Contracts and agreements are made by and between two different entities and they may be from different countries of different languages. So, it is important to have legal contracts and agreements translated. An accurate and certified legal translation of contracts and agreements is a must and it may help to avoid conflicts and other legal or financial complications.

Legal translators must use accurate terminology and clear structure and maintain the meaning of the source text to avoid any errors or ambiguity.

Litigation Papers

There are different reasons why you may need to translate litigation papers. Whatever the reasons, you must be sure to have these papers accurately translated on time. Time and accuracy are two important factors when it comes to litigation paper translation. Alsun provides accurate legal translation on time, as we are available 24/7.

We offer legal translation services in 60+ languages including:

Financial Records

There is no room for error with financial document legal translation. Financial records are full of terms and numbers that need an expert legal translation that is accurate and has a deep understanding of financial and legal terminology. Alsun Translation Services Company relies on a professional team of legal translators that meet clients’ expectations and full satisfaction.

Our clients can rely on our network of professional legal translators in providing an accurate and on-time translation of their different types of legal translation documents  

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