Certified Translations

Official translation of legal papers is a critical matter. There are different types of official translations including certified translation, notarized translation and sworn translation. If you have a legal paper and you need to translate it, in order to submit it to a certain entity, you need to know the type of translation you will submit.  In this blog, we will discuss the difference between Certified Translations and Sworn Translations.

Certified Translations

Certified translation is a translation performed by a certified translator and it holds the stamp, signature and contact information of the certified translator. Also, the certified translation must include a statement by the translator that confirms the accuracy of the translation.

The documents that require certified translations include but are not limited to immigration papers, passports, visitor permits, court transcripts and legislation documents and any document that has to be submitted to the government or a legal entity.

Certified Translator        

A certified translator refers to a translator who is certified by a competent certifying entity. A certified translator must sign and stamp documents and add a statement to certify the translation is complete and accurate.

 Sworn Translations

A sworn translation is a legal translation performed by a sworn translator who is appointed by the High court or the same entity and is endorsed by the signature and seal of him/her. A sworn translation indicates that the document translation is accurate and complete.

There are no certain procedures or regulations regarding sworn translations, as the requirements are dependent upon the state in which the translation will be used.

Unlike notarized translations, sworn translations do not have to be signed in front of a notary public or certain legal authority. In addition, sworn translations are required in certain countries only.

Documents that require sworn translations include but are not limited to birth, marriage, divorce certificates, wills, patents, contracts, agreements, medical reports and so on. Alsun has a translation office dubai offering a wide range of translation services. We are always ready to serve you 24/7.  

Sworn Translator

A sworn translator is someone who is authorized by a competent entity to translate juridical/legal documents and is sworn by the court. Sworn translations are required in some foreign countries to validate the submitted translated documents to many institutions, organizations, and government entities inside the foreign country.

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In short, sworn translations are required in some countries only while certified translation is used widely. In addition, sworn translation may be considered certified too.

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