Arabic to English Translation Services: legal, medical, financial, technical, commercial translation, and more! Find out more about our translation services in Dubai and UAE.

Arabic is the first language of over 300 million people and the fourth most-used language in the world.  Businesses of all sizes benefit from Arabic-to-English translation as they expand into new markets.

Arabic to English Translation

Arabic native speakers span major marketplaces from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and more. Working with an experienced Arabic-to-English translation company provider is critical if you plan to expand into these countries.

ATS Translation Services ensures the highest quality and most useful translations for businesses. With linguists speaking over 50 different languages, we have the expertise and precision to help you expand your business into these markets. Our team is ready to translate Dubai Arabic to English documents

Alsun is home to a team of expert native translators who can offer translations to and from any language. Our translators are well-versed in the cultural and corporate nuances of Arabic-speaking countries. We offer professional translation services in most of the world’s languages with the help of our certified translators who translate documents from Arabic to English. Our services cover most of the languages used around the world, including English, Arabic, Russian, Italian, Hindi, French, German, and many others.

Our Translation Services

We provide professional Arabic-to-English translation services in every industry, including:


Arabic to English Translation Services

At Alsun, nothing comes before quality. So we ensure that the translations are carried out by a dedicated team of native translators who are well-versed in Arabic and familiar with the specific industry’s terminologies. Because of our commitment to our work and fast and reliable services, our clients entrust their translation projects to us.


How can I translate Arabic to English?

It is straightforward; you can contact Alsun and send your documents. When you book translation services from us, we will not only assign a native translator but also an expert in your sector. This guarantees high-quality and accurate translation services at affordable cost and on time.

What is the best English-Arabic translator?

ATS Translation Services is the best Arabic-English translator. We are committed to providing a consistent level of quality. Our translation in Dubai team delivers translation projects on time at affordable cost and exceeds our customers’ expectations. We ensure accuracy in all our translations. We offer a service you trust. For any inquiries, please contact us now!

Why do you need Arabic-to-English translation services?

The Arabic-to-English translation is vital for fostering cross-cultural communication, enabling the exchange of ideas, information, and knowledge between the Arabic-speaking and English-speaking world. 

It plays a vital role in various fields, including:

  • Diplomacy.
  • International business.
  • Academia.
  • Media. 
  • And more.

Accurate Arabic-to-English services help bridge linguistic and cultural gaps, facilitating better understanding and collaboration between these two diverse linguistic communities.

Why choose Alsun?

why choose us

We provide the best comprehensive and certified Arabic-to-English translation service, optimally meeting all your needs.

Choosing Alsun for Arabic to English translation services will guarantee several benefits, including:

  • Competitive pricing with the utmost quality through a large Arabic and English linguistics team.
  • Tailored solutions for various industries, from legal and medical to business and marketing.
  • Trustworthy and reliable, we deliver on time, every time, meeting your deadlines.
  • A guarantee for culturally sensitive and contextually relevant translations.

Expand your audience and captivate English-speaking markets with our top-notch translation expertise. Contact Alsun today! 


Alsun Company offers the best Arabic to English Translation Services in Dubai and UAE. If you are searching for Legal Translation, Certified Translation or Marketing Translation Services you are in the right place. We provide expert language solutions for any size of business. We will help your business go global.