Working with us is an asset

We are always looking forward to cooperating with professional translators, localization experts, proofreaders, and technical writers… etc.

General Requirements

  • Native-speaker proficiency in the target language.
  • Translation is your career.
  • Extensive experience not less than three years in your chosen field/s.
  • Good user of search engines and research tools.
  • Being acquainted to translation tools is an asset.
  • For proofreaders, not less than five years of experience is a must

Our employment process:

  1. Send us your detailed and updated C.V. specifying your rates, number of words translated daily, number of words you have translated till now and your areas of expertise… etc to, or fill in the right form.
  2. Expect an email from us in less than two days if your specialization and rates suit us.
  3. A translation test will be sent to you in order to determine your linguistic abilities.
  4. If you passed the test then a contract will be signed with you to start dealing with us regularly in certain fields.
  5. The other details will be handled with the translation manager.

Special Requirements:

  • Holding B.A in English, preferably from the Faculty of Alsun (Languages), Ain Shams University or the Faculty of Languages, Al Azhar University.
  • Translation experience not less than 3 years.
  • Good knowledge of the fields of his/ her specialization
  • Preference will be given to those who have good command of CAT tools.


Waiting for you to be a member of Alsun Family

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